Civil Actions - 08/04/2015

New court cases involving suits filed by a plaintiff for damages alleged to have been caused by the actions or negligence of a defendant, which can be an individual or a business, corporation or government entity.

15-004351-CA Marcadis, Ralph, Allied Building Products Corp vs Varela, Alvara A, A Alexis Varela Inc; Marcadis, Ralph Sam, atty, complaint, Div-CV-A

15-004352-CA National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 2007-4 vs Joseph, Joshua M, McKenzie, Larry; Dragutsky, Jason Scott, atty, complaint, Div-CV-G

15-004353-CA Rodroguez, Aleida A., Hernandez, Lazaro A. vs Harrington, Shannon M., Harrington, Malaki J.; Presutti, Joseph Henry, atty, complaint, Div-CV-A

15-004354-CA Garcia, Robert vs Silba, Frank, Basco, Rachelle, Direct General Insurance Company; Pajcic, Michael Sather, atty, complaint, Div-CV-G

15-004355-CA Mike Williams, As Sheriff Of Duval County vs Butler, Scott Edward; Davenport, Jeffrey, atty, complaint, Div-CV-A

15-004356-CA Mike Williams, As Sheriff Of Duval County vs Brazil, Tara Leigh; Davenport, Jeffrey, atty, complaint, Div-CV-F

15-004357-CA The Travelers Indemnity Company A Connecticut vs UFL Management, LLC; Fisher, Stacey Samantha, atty, complaint, Div-CV-F

15-004358-CA Harper, Adrian vs Cruz, Kenneth; Byrd, Terry Lynn, atty, complaint, Div-CV-F

15-004359-CA U.S. Bank Trust National Association, Not In Its vs Bautista, Frederico G., Bautista, Annie N., Ortega Bluffs Homeowners Association, Inc., Unknown Tenant(s); Gilson, Ali Isenberg, atty, complaint, Div-FC-C

15-004360-CA United Guaranty Residential Insurance Company Of vs Baker, Kirsten N; Fisher, Stacey Samantha, atty, complaint, Div-CV-F

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