Civil Actions - 09/28/2016

New court cases involving suits filed by a plaintiff for damages alleged to have been caused by the actions or negligence of a defendant, which can be an individual or a business, corporation or government entity.

16-003525-CA Wells Fargo Bank, N.a. As Trustee For Carrington vs. Deveaux, Thomasena V. , Deveaux, Andre L. , Carmel Financial Corporation, Inc., Noisufnoc, Llc As Trustee For Duval County Land, Weston Ranch Homeowners Association Inc., Unknown Tenant 1, Unknown Tenant 2, Unknown Spouse Of Thomasena V. Deveaux, Unknown Spouse Of Andre L. Deveaux, 10268 Normanwood Court Land Trust, Unknown Beneficiaries Of 10268 Normanwood Court La, Duval County Land Trust #00894-1690, The Unknown Beneficiaries Of Duval County Land Tru, Unknown Trustees Of 10268 Normanwood Court Land Tr,; Kyle, Kevin John, atty, complaint, Div-FC-C

16-003526-CA Biscayne Bay Homeowners Association Inc vs. Parker, Caprisha , Unknown Spouse Of Caprisha Parker, Unknown Tenant 1, Unknown Tenant 2,; Roche, James Joseph Iv, atty, complaint, Div-FC-H

16-003527-CA Hawley, Christina vs. Carpenter, Linda Sue; Miller, Jason Scott, atty, complaint, Div-CV-E

16-003528-CA Redding-johnson, Shanteal vs. Moore, Lizbeth; Davis, Dexter Van, atty, complaint, Div-CV-B

16-003529-CA Benjie Sperling, Trustee vs. Hassan, Jalal El , Sabri Jalal El-hassan, El-hassan, Sabrina Jalal , Hecht, Rougina El-hassan , El-hassan, David Jalal , Hassan, Therese Jalal , Hassan, Deena Jalal; Bernard, Lawrence Jay, atty, complaint, Div-CV-H

16-003530-CA Bank Of New York Mellon, F/k/a The Bank Of New Yor vs. Risher, Eddie H Jr , Risher, Kimberly , In Possession #1, Unknown Tenant(s) , In Possession #2, Unknown Tenant(s); Cohn, Richard Paul, atty, complaint, Div-FC-E

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