Civil Actions - 12/09/2016

New court cases involving suits filed by a plaintiff for damages alleged to have been caused by the actions or negligence of a defendant, which can be an individual or a business, corporation or government entity.

16-005717-CA Eagerton Plumbing, Inc. vs. Blair, Brandi La Don; Middleton, James Whitelaw, atty, complaint, Div-CV-H

16-005718-CA Osteen, Melinda vs. Gonzalez, Carmelo; Najem, Lawrence John, atty, complaint, Div-CV-E

16-005719-CA Freedom Mortgage Corporation vs. James, Adolph D, Of Adolph D. James, Unknown Spouse, Sierra Oaks Homeowners Association, Inc, In Possession 1, Unknown Tenant, In Possession 2, Unknown Tenant; Hirsch, Mikael Lindsey, atty, complaint, Div-FC-B

16-005720-CA Nationstar Mortgage Llc Dba Champion Mortgage Comp, Nationstar Mortgage Llc Dba Champion Mortgage Comp vs. Shelly, The Unknown Heirs Ellen Morehead, Shelly, Karen Anne, United States Of America Acting Through Secretary, Unknown Party 1, Unknown Party 2, Unknown Party 3, Unknown Party 4,; Brown, Nataija Joyce, atty, complaint, Div-FC-H

16-005721-CA Wells Fargo Bank, N.a. vs. Montieth, Eugene F Jr; Naderpour, Amir, atty, complaint, Div-CV-E

16-005722-CA Truck Logistics Services, Inc. vs. Bates, Doug, Alabama Logistics, Llc,; Cook, Kimberley K, atty, complaint, Div-CV-B

16-005723-CA Solomon Evans, King, Solomon Evans, King vs. Gmf Jacksonville Pool, Llc, Bsr Trust Management, Llc, Protective Enterprises Of Florida, Llc,; Mccarron, Douglas John, atty, complaint, Div-CV-C

16-005725-CA Bank Of America Na vs. Brown, Robert J, Unknown Spouse Of Robert J Brown, United States Of America Department Of Revenue, Tenant 1, Unknown, Tenant 2, Unknown; Celestin, Rodney, atty, complaint, Div-FC-E

16-005726-CA Ditech Financial Llc vs. Hall, Lars, Buck, Kathleen A, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc As Nominee For E Q Financial Inc, Windsor Falls Condominium Association Inc, Galleria Pointe Owners Association Inc, Tenant 1, Unknown, Tenant 2, Unknown, Tenant 3, Unknown, Tenant 4, Unknown; Birju, Athma Jai Dev, atty, complaint, Div-FC-B

16-005727-CA Group Iv Avenues, Llc, A Florida Limited Liability vs. Jacksonville Advanced Machining, Inc., Devarajan, Ramkumar; Ezell, Brenda B, atty, complaint, Div-CV-C

16-005728-CA Richmond, Courtney vs. Durham, Velma Washington; Coutu, Maria Dimartino, atty, complaint, Div-CV-G

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