Civil Actions - 03/24/2017

New court cases involving suits filed by a plaintiff for damages alleged to have been caused by the actions or negligence of a defendant, which can be an individual or a business, corporation or government entity.

Morris, Christin Diane, Morris, Christin Diane vs. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation, Sunrise Nissan Of Jacksonville, D/B/A Mike Shad; Phillips, John Michael, atty; Walker, William Kenneth III, atty; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-A, 17-001796-CA

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company vs. Kelco Recycling, Inc, Kelcourse, Michael James Jr, Gec Trucking Inc, Evans, Gloria Etta; Nodarse-Buscemi, Odalys, atty; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-H, 17-001797-CA

Miskovic, Mia vs. Angelos, Christopher William; Stocker, Denise Marie, atty; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-F, 17-001799-CA

Overton, Marcel vs. Wells, Billie E., Southern Glazers Wine And Spirits Of America, LLC; Owens, Donny Allen, atty; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-C, 17-001800-CA

Price, Miles vs. Hines, Nelson; Rutledge, Randall, atty; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-D, 17-001801-CA

Pierre, Micheline vs. Harvey, Teresa, Harvey, Marvin; Maroon, Samuel Allen, atty; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-B, 17-001808-CA

Johns, George Scott Jr vs. McElveen, Jennifer Wyatt; Maroon, Samuel Allen, atty; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-C, 17-001811-CA

Herc Rentals Inc vs. Poydras Energy Partners LLC; Degrave, Heather Allyn, atty; Contract And Indebtedness; Div-CV-C, 17-001793-CA

Crompton, Georgia, Rose, Georgia vs. Maynor, Amy, Beauty For Homes, LLC, Haigler And Associates, LLC, Haigler, Roger; Taube, Rachel Rose, atty; Taube, Rachel Rose, atty; Contract And Indebtedness; Div-CV-A, 17-001802-CA

21st Mortgage Corporation vs. Jacobs, Troy J III, Addison, Sylvia M, Tenant, Unknown; White, Leslie Singleterry, atty; Contract And Indebtedness; Div-CV-C, 17-001803-CA

US Bank Trust National Association Not In Its Individual Capacity But Solely As Delaware Trustee And US Bank National Association Not In Its Individual Capacity But Solely As Co Trustee For Government Loan Securitization Trust 2011 Fv1 vs. Ross, Valery C, Ross, Unknown Spouse Of Valery Ross Valery, In Possession 1, Unknown Parties, In Possession 2, Unknown Parties; Giacinto, Christopher, atty; Homestead Residential Foreclosure - $0 - $50,000; Div-FC-G, 17-001787-CA

Iberiabank, A Louisiana Banking Corporation, As Successor In Interest To Century Bank, Fsb vs. Unknown Spouse Of Barry J. Grahek, Unknown Tenants In Possession, Grahek, Barry J, United States Of American On Behalf Of The Department Of The Treasury Internal Revenue Service; Cheffer, Michael Brian, atty; Homestead Residential Foreclosure - $250,000 Or More; Div-FC-E, 17-001788-CA

Wells Fargo Bank N A vs. Alexander, Richard Glen, Unknown Tenants; Griffiths, Heather Lynn, atty; Homestead Residential Foreclosure - $50,001 - $249,999; Div-FC-F, 17-001789-CA

U S Bank National Association vs. Butler, Elyonette, Florida Housing Finance Corporation, City Of Jacksonville, Florida, Everbank, Unknown Party 1, Unknown Party 2, Unknown Party 3, Unknown Party 4; Brown, Nataija Joyce, atty; Homestead Residential Foreclosure - $50,001 - $249,999; Div-FC-B, 17-001792-CA

Jpmorgan Chase Bank N A vs. Wagner, Patti F, Villa Beauclerc Condominium Association Inc, Unknown Tenants; Lenzi, Emilio R, atty; Homestead Residential Foreclosure - $50,001 - $249,999; Div-FC-E, 17-001794-CA

US Bank National Association vs. Jacqueline E Thomas, Unknown Spouse Of Jacqueline E Thomas, Florida Housing Finance Corporation, McGirts Village West Owners Association Inc, McGirts Village Owners Association Inc; Manswell, Wendy C, atty; Homestead Residential Foreclosure - $50,001 - $249,999; Div-FC-B, 17-001795-CA

Home Point Financial Corporation vs. Walker, Marquite Montraill, Gilbert, Tamara Williams, Victoria Preserve Homeowners Association, Inc., State Of Florida, Duval County, Duval County Clerk Of The Circuit Court, Winn Dixie, Unknown Party #1, Unknown Party #2, Unknown Party #3, Unknown Party #4; Zarzeski, Marisa E, atty; Homestead Residential Foreclosure - $50,001 - $249,999; Div-FC-H, 17-001804-CA

Washington, Manda Y vs. Universal Property And Casualty Insurance Company; Robinson, Chad Jonathan, atty; Insurance Claims; Div-CV-D, 17-001790-CA

Nationstar Mortgage LLC vs. Bell, Valerie, Unknown Party 1, Unknown Party 2, Unknown Party 3, Unknown Party 4; Alles, Andrea Kathryn, atty; Non-Homestead Residential Foreclosure $50,001 - $249,999; Div-FC-G, 17-001805-CA

Montgomery, Kim vs. River Region Human Services, Inc.; Nowicki, Kristopher Matthew, atty; Other Negligence-Premises Liability-Commercial; Div-CV-D, 17-001809-CA

11535 Gerado Rd Land Trust #156748-0000, Land Trust 156748-0000 Gerado, Jim Blasco vs. Pidgeon, Charlene H., Conseco Finance Servicing Corporation, Unknown Tenants; Woolsey, Joshua August, atty; Quiet Title, Partition, Remove Encumbrance; Div-CV-H, 17-001791-CA

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