Notice of Commencement - 03/27/2015

Notice filed when construction valued at $2,500 or more is to take place.

17094-365 Cowboys East Coast Construction Inc. for Patrick North, 1640 Swimming Salmon Pl, filed 3-12-2015

17094-366 Dav-Lin Interior Contractors Inc. for Parkway Realty Services, 10151 Deerwood Park Bv, filed 3-12-2015

17094-367 Dav-Lin Interior Contractors Inc. for the Quadrant/Quadrant Jax Partners LLC, 4655 Salisbury Rd, filed 3-12-2015

17094-368 Jasper Contractors for Jagadish Vemugunta & Nallamotu, 8773 Reedy Branch Dr, filed 3-12-2015

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