Notice of Commencement - 10/27/2016

Notice filed when construction valued at $2,500 or more is to take place.


17740-551 Atlantic-Penman LLC, L1-3, B16, Royal Palms, Unit 2A

17740-552 Diane March, L10, B63, Mandalay

17740-694 Paul Davis Restoration of North Florida for William Ty Gunkel, L63A, Bent Creek, filed 10-13-2016

17740-784 Stonebridge Construction Svcs. LLC for Nils-Bjorn Raae, L4-7, B2, Neptune Gardens, filed 10-13-2016

17740-862 Bigfoot Roofing & Construction Inc. for Holly Gallup, 4361 Woodbourne Dr, filed 10-13-2016

17740-864 Bohemia Roofing Inc. for Monterey at Beach Boulevard Condo Association Inc., 12171 Beach Bv, Bldg 5, filed 10-13-2016

17740-876 Pools by John Clarkson for Troy Davis, 10145 Courtyards Pl, filed 10-13-2016

17740-945 Turnkey Construction & Maintenance Inc. for Jax SFH Properties LLC, L6, B129, East Springfield, filed 10-13-2016

17740-951 Tier 1 Construction for ARLP Securitization Trust, L30, English Estates, Unit 5, filed 10-13-2016

17740-978 Zeroenergy Solutions Inc. for Mark Penrod & Nancy, L120, Trails at Bent Creek, filed 10-13-2016


17740-1090 Anita A. Martin, L15, B1, Lakewood, Unit 4

17740-1091 Linda Clark, L2, B7, Arlington Hills

17740-1092 Alfred M. Salzer, L3, B35, Arlingwood, Unit 6

17740-1274 Lockhart Construction & Roofing Services LLC for James L. Lockhart, L7, B3, Charter Point, Unit 4, filed 10-13-2016

17740-1310 Certified Home Services Inc. for Ligaya Deleon, L42, Springtree Village, Unit 4, filed 10-13-2016

17740-1492 Dav-Lin Interior Contractors Inc. for JTB Center LLC, 5011 Gate Py #200, filed 10-13-2016

17740-1557 KayCo Roofing for Christopher Fogleman, Sec 33, T2S, R29E, filed 10-13-2016

17740-1558 T-Dawg Construction & Roofing for Banville & Caxton LLC, L12, B19, Lake Forest Hills, Unit 2, filed 10-13-2016

17740-1569 Glory Homes Inc. for Maurice DeLisle, L10,11, Ahern’s S/D of B7, Springfield, filed 10-13-2016

17740-1591 Align Roofing Co. for Jacksonville Hotel Property Co. LLC, 1331 Prudential Dr, filed 10-13-2016

17740-1621 Excel Roofing Contractors Inc. for Kim L. Christopher, L53, Highlands, Unit 17, filed 10-13-2016

17740-1684 Align Roofing Co. for Angela Bailey & Robert/RAAS LLC, filed 10-13-2016

17740-1761 Ram Jack Foundation Repair for Lovie McEwen, L7, Hunter Oaks, filed 10-13-2016

17740-1762 Surfside Pools for Reinaldo Morales & Betty, L43, B5t, Arlington Hills, Unit 9A, filed 10-13-2016

17740-1764 Miller Joiner General Contractor Inc. for Greg Bowen, L3, B35, St. Johns Park, filed 10-13-2016

17740-2081 Surfside Pools for Saundra Bennett, L60, Paradise Key, filed 10-13-2016


17740-2083 Kenneth Stout, L3, B13, Grove Park

17740-2084 John Flynn, L368, Pablo Bay, Phase 7

17740-2224 Tuff Shed for Kim Kleinrock, L193, Riverbrook at Glen Kernan, Unit 3, filed 10-13-2016

17740-2225 Michael D. Newman for Enoch Yisrael, L12, B83, Springfield, filed 10-13-2016

17740-2233 Peak Roofing & Construction for Thomas Leonard, L27, River Bay Plantation, filed 10-13-2016

17740-2273 Reliant Roofing Inc. for Najib Mukadam, L121,122, B101, Murray Hill Heights, filed 10-13-2016

17740-2307 All Florida Custom Homes by John Raymer Inc. for William Jowals, L9, B10, Atlantic Beach, filed 10-13-2016

17740-2368 Seven Bridges Construction for Jamil Kazinni, L6, B21, Grove Park, Unit 4, filed 10-13-2016


17740-2408 Michael Rukab, L11, B4, Grove Park, Unit 1

17740-2409 John Righter, L16, Spring Brook, Unit 1

17741-34 Siwell Builders Inc. for N Fource LLC, L19, B22, 1st Addn to New Riverside, filed 10-13-2016

17741-103 PA Electrical Inc. for José A. Martinez & Caridad, 3154 Blue Heron Dr N, filed 10-13-2016

17741-256 Perkins Express Roofing Inc. for Paula P. Smoak, L3, B19, St. Elmo, filed 10-13-2016

17741-258 White’s Roofing Co. for Thomas Inman, Tract 10, B2, Jacksonville Heights, filed 10-13-2016

17741-283 The Home Depot At-Home Services for Yvonne McClain, 9087 Beauclerc Cr E, filed 10-13-2016

17741-286 Carlson Enterprises LLC for Rita Dowaschinski, L40, Mandarin Trace, Unit 2, filed 10-13-2016


17741-291 FLA Land Trust, L9, B5, Hess’s S/D of L21, Tallulah

17741-292 Trust #585, L13, B13, Pearl, Unit 3

17741-293 Barber & Associates Inc., 8230 Nations Wy, filed 10-13-2016

17741-294 Summit Contracting Group Inc. for Lofts at LaVilla Ltd., 995 Water St, filed 10-13-2016

17741-339 CG Construction of Jacksonville Inc. for Ivy Fauntleroy, L13, B12, Manor Del Rio, filed 10-13-2016

17741-358 Mastec for T-Mobile South LLC, B9,10, Cecilville, filed 10-13-2016

17741-370 Restoration & Construction Specialists LLC for Sean Wilson, L13, B28, San Mateo, Sec 6, filed 10-13-2016

17741-375 Realco Recycling Co. for Vernon Long & Mary, L13, B8, Del Rio, Unit 2, filed 10-13-2016

17741-443 Kinnecorps LLC for Raymond Nagy, L55, The Landing at Cross Creek, Unit 5, filed 10-13-2016

17741-562 Fidus Roofing & Construction for Glenda Collier, L11, B30, St. Johns Park, filed 10-13-2016

17741-593 Auld & White Constructors LLC for McDonald’s USA LLC, 5320 Norwood Av, filed 10-13-2016

17741-597 Brannan Roofing LLC for Tillman Auto, 6014 New Kings Rd, filed 10-13-2016

17741-643 Matthews Builders for Florida Growth Fund I LLC, L1, B8, Southland, Unit 2, filed 10-13-2016

17741-669 James McConnell for Mike Dixon, L24, B1, Sheffield Village, Unit 1, filed 10-13-2016

17741-677 Romano Brothers Roofing Inc. for David Hanson, L28, Kensington Gardens, Unit 58, filed 10-13-2016


17741-678 Kevin Thei Tran, L21, Sutton Lakes, Unit 5

17741-679 Deborah Hull, 10896 Lippizan Dr

17741-725 Rozafa Building Enterprises Inc. for Rakesh Patel, L3, B18, Deerwood, Unit 3, filed 10-13-2016

17741-726 JLC Construction for Richard Simmons, L19, B9, Miramar Terrace, filed 10-13-2016

17741-796 Stellar Group Inc. for Florida Baptist Foundation 8383 Baymeadows Wy, filed 10-13-2016


17741-833 Peter T. Byrd, Tract 15, Jacksonville Heights

17741-834 David Orr, L5, Rhodes Farms

17741-865 First Coast Homes LLC for Gary Barker & Sherry, 808 8th St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32350, filed 10-13-2016

17741-963 Ossi Contracting LLC for Kevin Wortmann, L27, Isle of Palms, filed 10-13-2016

17741-971 KMS Systems Inc. for Thomas Lawrence Hubbard & Joan P., L6,3-5,7, Seagate Oceanfront Homes, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1039 Hygema House Movers Inc. for Mary Binns, L15, B206, Cedar Springs, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1162 Holton Construction Inc. for Open Bible Maranatha Baptist Church, L17,18, B74, Robinwood Acres, Unit 4, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1202 Danis Builders LLC for Florida Blue, L29, Deerwood Park North, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1215 Troy R. Gunter for Tim Davis, L8, B1, Arlington River Hills, Unit 2, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1246 E&R Enterprises of North FL LLC for Thomas Larson, L7, Marshside, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1280 Equity Builders of Florida for West Phillips Center LLC, 7380 Philips Hy, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1384 Jacksonville Custom Builders Inc. for Stanley E. Kantor & Sharon G., L4A, Townhomes at Candelero Ct, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1461 North Florida Roofing for Clifford Battles & Allison, L7,8, B2, Central Riverside School District, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1593 A Advantage Electric Inc. for T-Mobile South LLC, L7, Floral Bluff Estates, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1609 AJ Wells Roofing & Construction for Linda Cooper, L14, Eaglecrest, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1634 RKS Construction & Designs Inc. for Modern Vision Properties Inc., L15, B3, Stewart & Paschal’s R/P of Murray Hill Heights, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1659 Great White Construction for Laura Swilley, L12, B96, Lakeshore, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1730 Duval Fence Inc. for Robert Stone & Emerita, 3354 Antigua Dr, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250, filed 10-13-2016


17741-1749 William Kovatch, 14545 Stacey Rd

17741-1750 Reed Whitney, L8, B9, Beacon Hills & Harbor, Unit 1

17741-1826 Excel Roofing Contractors Inc. for William A. Shaw, L145, Sutton Lakes, 1993 Willesdon Dr W, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1832 K&G Construction Inc. for Eva Holmes, Farm 6, Hogan Farms, filed 10-13-2016


17741-2097 Timothy Daley & Pamela, L18, Seabreeze Woods

17741-2098 Elizabeth Ann Kelly, L75, Ocean Cay, Unit 1

17741-2099 Rhonda A. Lofton, L10, Crowe Acres

17741-2100 Trevor Parker & Cynthia, L88, Selva Norte, Unit 2

17741-2101 Robert Yarbrough & Jill, L70, Pablo Woods

17741-2102 Michael Barron, L192, Fairways Forest

17741-2105 Karen Kuhlmann, L8, B7, Arlington River Hills. Unit 3

17741-2106 Cooper Webb & Alexandra, L14, B3, Santa Monica, Unit 8

17741-2107 Luch Hak, L335, Sterling Ridge, Unit 2

17741-2108 Evelyn Stone, L34, B3, Holiday Hill, Unit 1

17741-2109 Benjamin Ray & Sarah Hicks, L31, Royal Lakes, Unit 1

17741-2110 The Boling Living Trust, L8, B4, Grove Park, Unit 1

17741-2111 Carl Ramsdell & Joyce, L8,9, B1, Highland Park R/P of Sec A, Glenwood

17741-2112 Ronald Ross & Rosanna, L81, Julington Forest, Unit 5

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