Lis Pendens - 07/22/2016

Notice filed that title of certain property is in litigation and is in danger of being bound by adverse judgment. Judgment has not yet taken place but property is under constraint.

17617-2242 2nd Chance Mortgages Inc. vs. Deon D. Williams et ux, et al, L23, Hardwick Place, filed 6-30-2016

17617-2297 First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. vs. Laura Hallett et vir, et al, L131, Villages of Northwoods, Phase II, filed 6-30-2016

17617-2320 JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Chris S. Subleski, Mary Sullivan, William C. Guthried, Jr. & Rebecca L. Miklas et al, Sec 39, T1S, R26E; L14, B1, Vernon Acres, Unit 1, filed 6-30-2016


17618-39 Anthony D. Holland & Wanda D., L3, B11, S.J. Melson’s Addn

17618-106 Alvin Rhodarmer et ux, et al, L6, B7, Mandarin Trace, Unit 1

17618-142 U.S. Bank vs. Denis L. Winslow et ux, et al, L19, Jacksonville North Estates, filed 6-30-2016

17618-184 Bank of America vs. Shirley Hardeman & Deborah Ann Wilson et al, L5, B24A, Lake Forest Inc. R/P of Lake Forest, filed 6-30-2016

17618-1180 MidFirst Bank vs. Laurence R. Eggering & Chrito Villanueva et al, L171, The Landing at Cross Creek, Unit 5, filed 6-30-2016

17618-1245 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Jason A. Mendel & Mary Alice et al, L11, B9, Southland, Unit 2, filed 6-30-2016

17618-1307 Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville vs. the unknown heirs, devisees, grantees, assignees, lienors, creditors, trustees or other claimants claiming by, through, under of against the Estate of Terrance L. Newton; Brigette M. Newton, Dennis E. Newton, Jannie Vandyke Newton et al, L16, B13, Smith’s Allotment, filed 6-30-2016

17618-2312 NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. Claude Saint Fort et ux, et al, L122, Old Plank Plantation, Unit 1, filed 6-30-2016


17619-241 Jonathan L. English & Tia Reyna et al, Sec 16, T2S, R24E

17619-958 Uong Son & Phor Kim Yin; Anthony Hardy et ux, et al, L15,16, B29, Thompson S/D

17619-1029 U.S. Bank vs. Suzanne M. Carson et vir, et al, L27B, Springtree Village, Unit 7, filed 6-30-2016

17619-1113 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Indra Negron & Rene et al L2, B8, S.J. Melson Addn, filed 6-30-2016

17619-1385 United States of America vs. Celep Simsir & Sonsoles; Andrea Rivera Lorenzo & Nigal Mitchell, Sec 39, T1S, R26E, filed 7-1-2016

17619-1696 Wells Fargop Bank vs. Mark R. Chaney & Judy E. et al, L4, B2, Oak Hills Manor, filed 7-1-2016

17619-1799 Bank of New York Mellon vs. Joyce Lafluer Wright-Evans & Earl et al, Unit 301, Captiva, filed 7-1-2016

17619-2271 VyStar Credit Union vs. the unknown spouse, heirs, devisees, grantees, assignees, lienors, creditors & trustees of the Estate of Charles W. Hubbard; Monsikan Khankaew et al, L5, B6, Mayfair Place, filed 7-1-2016

17619-2440 NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. Ron C. Broadwater & Lee Allen Barker et al, L27, B1, Melissa Estates, Unit 1, filed 7-1-2016

17620-107 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Toninette D. Neal et al, L45, Watermill, Unit 1-A, filed 7-1-2016

17620-191 Strategic Realty Fund LLC to Maria Hope & Glyndell, Trustees, L7, B7, Magnolia Gardens, Unit 2, filed 7-1-2016

17620-569 Wells Fargo Bank vs. William C. Stewart & Nancee C. et al, L48, Laurel Oaks at Baymeadows, filed 7-1-2016

17620-571 Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville Inc. vs. Gina L. Waters & Matthew et al, L5, B36B, Woodstock, filed 7-1-2016

17620-946 VyStar Credit Union vs. Shawn D. Croll & Dawn H. et al, L23, B9, Lake Lucina, Unit 6, filed 7-1-2016

17620-1333 JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Frederick C. Dutton & Mary E. et al, L11, B18, Ortega Hills, Unit 3, filed 7-1-2016

17620-2020 U.S. Bank vs. the unknown heirs, devisees, grantees, assignees, lienors, creditors, trustees or other claimants claiming by, through, under or against the Estate of Kelly Delmar Holton; Albert Lee Holton & Lessie Holton Hairston et al, L11, B3, Deer Hollow, filed 7-1-2016

17620-2026 Bayview Loan Servicing LLC vs. Angela L. Weiner et al, L5, B22, Sandalwood, Unit 3, filed 7-1-2016

17620-2471 Waterbrook Falls Homeowners Association Inc. vs. L99, Waterbrook Falls, Unit 2, filed 7-1-2016

17621-19 Villages of Bartram Springs Owners Association Inc. vs. Edward P. Broomfield, L207, Villages of Bartram Springs, filed 7-1-2016

17621-103 Wells Fargo Bank vs. the unknown heirs, devisees, grantees, assignees, lienors, creditors & Trustees of Johnathan Keefer; Dorothy Priscilla Keefer Tirado & Nanda Keefer Qualls et al, L14, B15, Beachwood, Unit 2, filed 7-1-2016

17621-419 Regions Bank vs. Cheryl P. Munford et vir, et al, L150C, Highland Lakes on Argyle, Unit 3, filed 7-1-2016

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