Lis Pendens - 02/09/2016

Notice filed that title of certain property is in litigation and is in danger of being bound by adverse judgment. Judgment has not yet taken place but property is under constraint.


17431-1312 Philip L. Prothe & Katy S. et al, L79, Cypress Creek, Unit 2

17431-1428 William Hartley & Jacqueline L. et al, L9, B7, Imperial Estates, Unit 1

17431-1675 Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Vladimir Fuentes et ux, et al, L8, Villages of Pablo, Unit 4, filed 1-19-2016

17431-1902 Wells Fargo Bank vs. William L. Knoebel & Kristine M. et al, L53, Summer Trees, Unit 4-B, filed 1-19-2016

17431-1994 SunTrust Bank vs. Alexander Moore & Michelle M. et al, L21, Hampton Park, Unit 1, filed 1-19-2016

17431-2132 NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. Tommy C. Crews et ux, et al, Tract 18, Atlantic Boulevard Estates, Sec 8, filed 1-19-2016

17431-2233 U.S. Bank vs. Anquenette Beckett et vir, et al, L200, Cedar North, Phase 2, filed 1-19-2016

17432-355 Joe Aaron Mullis vs. Lynette Henry et Arelionse Lee et al, L23, B6, Fayetteville, filed 1-19-2016

17432-516 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Victor E. Ward et al, L7, Tree Top Estates, Unit 3, filed 1-19-2016

17432-577 Bank of America vs. Joe N. Wright & April R. et al, L125F, Timothy’s Landing, Unit 1, filed 1-19-2016

17432-920 First Federal Bank of Florida vs. Daniel J. Brown & Kathleen D. et al, L7, B6, Oak Hill, Unit 13, filed 1-19-2016

17432-1017 MacQuarie Mortgages USA Inc. vs. John T. Bell & Kari L.A. et al, L16, B1, Pickwick Park, filed 1-19-2016

17433-304 Seneca Mortgage Servicing LLC vs. Elizabeth Balangue et vir, et al, L23, Covington Creek, filed 1-20-2016

17433-480 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Patricia A. Burlingame et vir, et al, L10, B15, Normandy, Unit 4, filed 1-20-2016

17433-484 Fannie Mae vs. Ronald L. Perdue & Kyrie C. et al, Unit 10F, The Boxwood at Baymeadows, filed 1-20-2016

17433-524 U.S. Bank vs. the unknown heirs, beneficiaries, devisees, grantees, assignees, lienors, creditors, trustees & all other parties claiming an interest by, through, under or against the Estate of Cynthia H. Williams; Shakeya Lashan Rawls, Personal Rep. Of the Estate of Cynthia H. Williams, L6, Highlands, Unit 13, filed 1-20-2016

17433-891 JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Charlotte M. McMiller-Green & Darrin A. et al, L20, B29, Harbor View, Unit 8, filed 1-20-2016

17433-1385 Quicken Loans Inc. vs. Dedrick Robinson et ux, et al, L35, North Campus, filed 1-20-2016

17433-1535 Bank of New York vs. Starr M. Pannone et al, L2,3, B18, Norwood, filed 1-20-2016

17433-1604 CitiBank vs. Sabrina Mickens et al, L91, James Island, Unit 1, filed 1-20-2016

17433-1695 Queens Harbour Yacht & Country Club Owners Association Inc. vs. McCalla Raymer LLC et al, L1, Queens Harbour Yacht & Country Club, Unit 17, filed 1-20-2016

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