Lis Pendens - 12/01/2015

Notice filed that title of certain property is in litigation and is in danger of being bound by adverse judgment. Judgment has not yet taken place but property is under constraint.

17359-495 U.S. Bank vs. Cierra J. Bennett et vir & Gregory Parker & Anna D. et al, L424, Rolling River Estates, Unit 2, Phase 3, filed 11-5-2015

17359-695 Deerwood Place Master Association Inc. vs. Vera P. Ivanova et vir, et al, Unit 225, Bldg 2, Deerwood Place VI, filed 11-5-2015

17359-712 Townhomes of Bent Tree Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Tracy L. Hawyard et vir, et al, L13A, Bent Tree, filed 11-5-2015

17359-717 Pablo Woods Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Mike Tran et al, L94, Pablo Woods, filed 11-5-2015

17359-861 Bank of America vs. Greenridge PHX LLC & Long Thanh Le et al, L114, Northridge, filed 11-5-2015

17359-917 U.S. Bank vs. Marc M. Burton & Teresa B. et al, L7, B3, Seabrook Point, filed 11-5-2015

17359-1211 Queens Harbour Yacht & Country Club Owners Association Inc. vs. Pauline Le, L13, Queens Harbour Yacht & Country Club, Unit 26, filed 11-5-2015

17359-1493 U.S. Bank vs. Craig B. Freeman & Ereka S. et al, L47, Watermill, Unit 5, filed 11-5-2015

17359-2318 Regions Bank vs. Carl W. Cline et ux, et al, Lot L-C, B2, Melissa Estates, Unit 1, filed 11-5-2015

17360-341 Bank of New York Mellon vs. Wilma J. Tomlinson et vir, et al, L1,2, B85, Marietta, filed 11-5-2015

17360-742 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Daniel E. Maris et ux, et al L17-20, B13, Jacksonville Heights Townsite, filed 11-5-2015


17360-891 Yulietsy Gamaz & Nancy P. Gamez et al, L288, Ridgemoor, Unit 2, Phase 2

17360-892 Adedapo Ogunsina & Kehinde et al, L253, Ridgemoor, Unit 2, Phase 1

17360-926 Fannie Mae vs. Darlene Ann Brabant & Michael Brandon Powell et al, L162, Pinecrest, Unit 3, filed 11-5-2015

17360-1531 Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas vs. Themistokle Kehayas & Robert E. Schenk et al, Unit 419, Avanti, filed 11-5-2015

17360-1586 Biscayne Estates East Community Association Inc. vs. Reginald L. Gaffney et al, L106, Biscayne Estates East, Unit 2, filed 11-5-2015

17360-1589 Forest Hills Owners Association Inc. vs. Leonardo Piloto & Jennifer et al, L297, Ridgemoor, Unit 2, Phase 2, filed 11-5-2015

17360-2328 Wilmington Savings Fund Society vs. Kelvin Blackshear et al, L11, B1, Turtle Creek Village, Unit 1, filed 11-5-2015

17360-2486 Daniel Cohen & Marcia vs. Albert Hurlbert et ux, et al, L7, B6, Murray Hill Gardens, filed 11-5-2015

17360-2500 Bank of America vs. Joel K. Youngs et al, L1, B6, Arlington Manor, Unit 3, filed 11-5-2015

17361-1 Victory Baptist Church Inc. vs. Paul Andrew Newman, Debra Jo Newman, Fannie Newman & Elizabeth Newman et al, no descript., filed 11-5-2015

17361-4 U.S. Bank vs. Ivery D. Carr et ux, et al, L123, Tree Top Estates, Unit III, Phase III, filed 11-5-2015

17361-6 Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Renita A. Booker & Christopher G. et al, L115, Overland Park, Unit 3, filed 11-5-2015

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