Lis Pendens - 12/02/2016

Notice filed that title of certain property is in litigation and is in danger of being bound by adverse judgment. Judgment has not yet taken place but property is under constraint.

17778-701 Bank of New York Mellon vs. the unknown heirs, devisees, grantees, assignees, lienors, creditors, trustees or other claimants claiming by, through, under or against the Estate of Evalina Wiggins; Anthony Bernard Wiggins, Brento Leon Wiggins, Kenneth Wayne Wiggins, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Evala Wiggins, Linda Deniose Wiggins, Montsho Ngunda Foluke, Randall Lavell Wiggins, Ronda Ann Dean & the unknown heir of Howard Douglas Wiggins et al, L20, B32, Grand Park, filed 11-16-2016

17778-703 Christopher A. Walker vs. Southside Church of Christ of Jacksonville Inc. et al, L22,23, Divenís S/D, filed 11-16-2016

17779-155 Regions Bank vs. Jenkins Law Firm LLC et al, Unit 103, Jameson Office Park, filed 11-16-2016

17779-1277 GTE Federal Credit Union vs. Martin R. Oscarson; James D. Fischer & Jennifer J. et al, L7, Kensington Gardens, Unit 2B, filed 11-16-2016

17779-1592 NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. the unknown heirs, beneficiaries, devisees, grantees, assignees, lienors, creditors, trustees & all others who may claim an interest in the Estate of Marrilie Baker; Linda Harn & Terry L. Myers et al, L83, Saddle Ridge, filed 11-16-2016

17779-2375 U.S. Bank vs. Ronald Eugene Vance et ux, et al, L69, Cobblestone, filed 11-17-2016

17781-553 U.S. Bank vs. Shawn K. Hullender et ux, et al, L13, B3, Hunters Point at Mandarin, Unit 10, filed 11-17-2016

17781-641 NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. Dana Louise Brooks & Raynard Edwin et al, L11, B43, Ortega, filed 11-17-2016

17781-740 JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. Kathy J. Crowder et vir & Melissa A. Grove et vir, et al, L11, B3, Lakewood, Unit 14, filed 11-17-2016

17781-1571 Fannie Mae vs. Gabriel Cuevas, Jr. & Shirley A. et al, L20, B203, Lake Side Park, filed 11-18-2016

17781-1817 Fifth Third Bank vs. Giselle Napierkowski et al, L100, Lake Mandarin, Unit 5, filed 11-18-2016

17782-588 Group 77 Inc. vs. Dorothea T. Hastings & Michael, L26, Arlington Green, Unit 3

17782-1807 Bank of New York Mellon vs. Henry C. Clark & Mary L. et al, L7, B2, Pearl Court, Unit 3, filed 11-18-2016

17783-113 Universal Roofing Group Inc. vs. David Kaufman & Sherry, the property at 4455 Blueberry Woods Cr N, filed 11-18-2016

17783-303 Plaza Home Mortgage Inc. vs. James C. Johnson, Jr. L25, Bainebridge Estates, Unit 1, filed 11-18-2016

17783-567 NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. Krista D. Grove et vir, et al, L48, B1, Pine Bluff, Unit 2

17783-601 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Jackie Fenner et ux, et al, L26F, Hawthorn, filed 11-21-2016

17783-862 Wells Fargo Bank vs. the unknown heirs or beneficiaries of the Estate of Melvin Adkins et al, L20, Pinewood, Unit 2, filed 11-21-2016

17783-877 New Penn Financial LLC vs. Linda G. McCook et vir, et al, L25, B1, Falcon Trace, Unit 2, filed 11-21-2016

17783-1142 William Fulmer & Patricia A. vs. Albert Waugh 301 LLC & State of Florida DOT, Sec 35, T2S, R23E, filed 11-21-2016

17783-1353 CenterState Bank of Florida vs. Linda I. Rainey, Trustee et al, L15, B34, Ortega Forest, Unit 10, filed 11-21-2016


17783-1519 Fructuoso Navarro-Ros & Claudia Gene Waldo et al, Unit 15-9, Merrill Pines

17784-535 Alton E. Brown & Toya Jones, L141, Dunnís Crossing, Unit 1

17784-1171 Karen Y. Fitts et vir, et al, L5, Hideaway Woods

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