Lis Pendens - 08/28/2015

Notice filed that title of certain property is in litigation and is in danger of being bound by adverse judgment. Judgment has not yet taken place but property is under constraint.

17260-1885 Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Ida Andrews et vir, et al, L12,13,10, B88, Biltmore, filed 8-6-2015

17260-2435 HSBC Bank USA vs. Denise Marie Aplin et vir, et al, Unit 202, Bldg 200, The Seasons at Kensington, filed 8-6-2015

17261-72 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Steve Ognibene & Maureen Cusick et al, Unit 2133, Sugar Mill Four, filed 8-6-2015

17261-446 Christiana Trust vs. Angela J. Cisneros & Emmanuel A. et al, L9, Argyle Forest Chimney Lakes, Unit 2, filed 8-6-2015


17261-533 Josť A. Payan, Jr. & Maria et al, L211, Villas at Cross Creek, Unit 4

17261-541 Elinor M. Robitaille et al, L98, Villas at Cross Creek, Unit 6

17261-965 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Debra A. Hall & Willie J. et al, L52, Cormorant Landing, Unit 3, filed 8-6-2015

17261-1130 Wells Fargo Bank to Danny Vining & Melissa et al, L1, David O. Ogilvie Estate, filed 8-7-2015

17261-1379 NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. Jewel Riccardo, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Carlene I. Dubard; the unknown heirs or beneficiaries or any & all unknown parties claiming by, through, under or against the Estate of Carlene I. Dubard et al, L16, B46, Sherwood Forest, Unit 7, filed 8-7-2015

17261-1708 Fannie Mae vs. Marylynn B. Bogins et vir, et al, L4, Collins Ridge, filed 8-7-2015

17261-1751 Hidden Oaks of Jacksonville Condominium Association Inc. vs. Jamie Haga et ux, et al, Unit G-28, Hidden Oaks, filed 8-7-2015

17261-2406 MidFirst Bank vs. Deborah M. Gable et vir, et al, L7, B2, Georgetown Estates, Unit 3, filed 8-7-2015

17262-360 OneWest Bank vs. Jewel Hosendorf & Bernard; Walter B. Hosendorf, II et al, B3, Thompson Realty R/P, filed 8-7-2015

17262-427 Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. vs. Marie Exavier & Rony et al, L4, Watermill, Unit 7-A, filed 8-7-2015

17262-590 Community First Credit Union of Florida vs. Diana L. Cribbs et vir, et al, L199, Villages of Summer Lakes, filed 8-7-2015

17262-672 Branch Banking & Trust Co. vs. Jeremy W. Lucas et al, L16,17, Ropaco, filed 8-7-2015

17262-1013 Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC vs. Misti A. Stephens & Ronald C. et al, L64, Waterleaf, Unit 1, filed 8-7-2015

17262-1491 Unity Home Investments LLC vs. Christy Howe et al, Unit 184, The Preserve at San Jose, filed 8-7-2015


17262-1681 Sean M. McClarren & Melissa R. et al, L12B, Ft. Caroline Lakes, Unit 5

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