Lis Pendens - 10/28/2016

Notice filed that title of certain property is in litigation and is in danger of being bound by adverse judgment. Judgment has not yet taken place but property is under constraint.

17741-1654 Bank of New York Mellon vs. Patricia Shockley, Trustee; Azalene O. Johnson, Darien Harper & Steven Henderson et al, L10, B15, North Brookside, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1752 Real Time Resolutions Inc. vs. Donald E. Galler, Jr. & Priscilla L. et al, L10, Dogwood Forest, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1839 NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. Bruce Elliott Hanna & Christine Grabowski et al, L4, B2, Saye Cove, Unit 1, filed 10-13-2016

17741-1891 Linda Lorraine Dodgen, Betty Vernicia Boyles & James Donald Sweat vs. Shirley Ann Henderson et al, filed 10-13-2016

17741-2157 Christiana Trust vs. the unknown heirs of the Estate of Jerome Ottis Dixon; Paul A. Dixon et ux & Ottis J. Dixon et ux, L79, Isle of Palms, Unit 4, filed 10-13-2016

17741-2247 Fannie Mae vs. Cary L. Manning & Leslie R., L7, B40, Ortega, filed 10-14-2016

17741-2323 MidFirst Bank vs. Michele T. Morgan et vir, et al, L210, Ashley Woods, Unit 7, filed 10-14-2016

17741-2331 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Steven D. Gardner & Reneé H. et al, L30, Windsor Parke, Unit 6-A, filed 10-14-2016

17742-22 U.S. Bank vs. Ricky J. Weathington & Cherrie A. et al, L51, Sweetwater Creek South, Unit 2 W, filed 10-14-2016

17742-447 HMC Assets LLC vs. Brandon McDuffie et ux, et al, L2, B23, St. Johns Park, filed 10-14-2016

17742-482 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Kara J. McCarthy et vir, et al, L45-47, B30, Sans Pareil, filed 10-14-2016

17742-656 Bank of New York Mellon vs. Nikkole L. Morse et vir, et al, L32, Hyde Park Estates, filed 10-14-2016

17742-2124 Wells Fargo Bank vs. John Bill Robertson et ux; Kevin D. Robertson & Tonda R. et al, L260, Winchester Ridge, Phase 1-A, filed 10-14-2016

17742-2193 Hawthorn Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Sherrie L. Otten et al, L22A, Hawthorn, filed 10-14-2016

17742-2211 Biscayne Estates East Community Association Inc. vs. Cheryll Valentine Scott et al, L143, Biscayne Estates, Unit 2, filed 10-14-2016

17742-2461 Wells Fargo Bank vs. Jack C. Jones & Charmaine C. et al, L320, Bartram Springs, Unit 1B, filed 10-14-2016

17742-2467 Goshen Mortgage LLC vs. Rebecca Fogg-Peterson & Genorvis P., Jr. et al, L271, Bartram Springs, Unit 3A, filed 10-14-2016

17743-463 NationStar Mortgage LLC vs. James Allen Greig & Melinda et al, L4, Schooner’s Bay, Unit 1, filed 10-14-2016

17743-790 William T. Wester vs. William Winfree & Joan C. et al, L5,6, B2, Sutherland Place, filed 10-17-2016

17743-1013 PHH Mortgage Corp. vs. Kevin L. Hinson & Karlene R. et al, L21, B5, Univesity Park, Unit 2, filed 10-17-2016

17743-1038 CitiMortgage Inc. vs. Caron J. Green, Personal Rep. Of the Estate of Gayle G. Hawkins; Caron J. Green & any and all unknown parties claiming by, through, under & against the Estate of Gayle G. Hawkins, Tract 10, B2, Jacksonville Heights, filed 10-17-2016

17743-1057 Wilmington Savings Fund Society vs. Dee Dee Patterson & Johnny Darrell Byrd, Jr. et al, L184, Brandywine, Unit 1, filed 10-17-2016

17743-1131 Specialized Loan Servicing LLC vs. Cheryl P. Munford et al, L150C, Argyle Forest Highland Lakes, Unit 3, filed 10-17-2016

17743-1226 Fannie Mae vs. Arlene F. Atkins et vir, et al, Sec 42, T1S, R26E, filed 10-17-2016

17743-1662 Goshen Mortgage LLC vs. Rebecca Fogg-Peterson & Genorvis P., Jr. et al, L271, Bartram Springs, Unit 3A, filed 10-17-2016

17744-343 Highlink LLC vs. Javier Franco Enterprises LLC et al, Unit 1707-5, Southbrook, filed 10-17-0216

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