Lis Pendens - 01/16/2017

Notice filed that title of certain property is in litigation and is in danger of being bound by adverse judgment. Judgment has not yet taken place but property is under constraint.


17836-113 Daryl E. Smith et al, L218, Highland Glen, Unit 3

17836-663 Bank of New York Mellon, Trustee, L17, Highland Glen, Unit 1

17836-806 Bart McClure & Sarah Bieniek et al, L48, Highland Glen, Unit 1

17836-1149 U.S. Bank vs. the unknown heirs, beneficiaries, devisees, assignees, lienors, creditors, trustees & all others who may claim an interest in the Estate of Darlene W. Broadhurst; David M. Broadhurst & Dean P. Broadhurst et al, L8, B3, Urban Hills, filed 1-6-2017

17836-1578 Statebridge Co. LLC vs. Debra J. Bisson et vir, et al, L7, B110, Lakeside Park, filed 1-6-2017

17836-1873 Bayview Loan Servicing LLC vs. Amy N. Robinson et vir, et al, L6, B3, Lake Forest, Sec 4, filed 1-6-2017

17836-1875 Freer Properties LLC vs. First Coast Residential Income Fund LLC et al, L3, B19, Harbor View, Unit 5, filed 1-6-201717836-2155 Bayview Loan Servicing LLC vs. Nae’Tel C. Brown & Joanne Guittar, L71, Biscayne Bay, Unit 1, filed 1-9-2017

17837-92 HSBC Bank USA vs. Dwayne Crews & Shandra et al, L1C, B2, Villages of Mandarin, Unit 1, filed 1-9-2017

17837-535 HMC Assets vs. Alexi Rivera & Ayerika M. et al, L15B, Sumerlin, filed 1-9-2017

17837-979 Bank of New York Mellon vs. Brian Allen Poag & Cynthia L. et al, L41, University Park, Unit 7, filed 1-9-2017

17837-1156 Westin-Duval Homeowners Assciation Inc. vs. Jerome A. Woods & Priscilla et al, L51, Westin, Unit 1, filed 1-9-2017

17837-1226 Caliber Home Loans Inc. vs. Muriz Alijagic & Jadranka; Martha Carrero et vir, et al, Uni6 2406, Bldg 24, Mirabella, filed 1-9-2017

17837-1599 Cambridge Estate Homeowners Association Inc. vs. Tricia Rajkumar & Gangadaye et al, L79, Cambridge Estates, Unit 5, filed 1-9-2017

17837-2413 Wells Fargo Bank vs. the unknown heirs, grantees, devisees, lienors, trustees & creditors of the Estate of Curtis Fred Hatcher & the Estate of Fannie Hatcher; Norma Jean Phillips, Beatrice June McKinney & Wayne Clayton Hatcher et al, Unit 1074, Sugar Mill One, filed 1-9-2017

17837-2448 Wilmington Savings Fund Society vs. Shirley M. Lovett & Raymond E. et al, L4, Lake Minniera Estates, Unit 1, filed 1-9-2017

17838-39 Sun Trust Bank vs. Donna Leigh Hill & Thomas W. et al, L147, Hidden Lake Estates, Phase 2, filed 1-9-2017

17838-134 Westin-Duval Homeowners Association Inc. to Helen L. Tolen & Ronald D. et al, L45, Westin, Unit 1, filed 1-9-2017

17838-444 The Landing at Cross Creek Owners Association Inc. vs. James L. Taylor et al, L26, The Landing at Cross Creek, Unit 4, filed 1-9-2017

17838-498 Watermill Master Association Inc. to Andre T. Cook, Jr. et al, L9D, Watermill Townhomes, filed 1-9-2017

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