Family Law - 08/28/2015

New court cases involving marriage, adoption, paternity or divorce.

15-005406-DR In Re: Custody: Mathis, Emoryal Shane and McMauley, Monica Teri; Wilkerson, Gerald Laverne, atty, Div-FM-E

15-005408-DR In Re: Paternity: Luck, Tyrone and Fooks, Quila S.; Proper Person, Div-FM-G

15-005409-DR In Re: Support: Shaw, Whitney and Fisher, Savanah; Proper Person, Div-FM-D

15-005410-DR Can, Jamie Thu and Bryant, Scott A.; Mullaney, A James, atty, diss of marr, Div-FM-E

15-005411-DR Tabor, Juadon A. and Tabor, Korea A.; Rogers, Maria, atty, diss of marr, Div-FM-A

15-005412-DR Clough, Lisa M. and Clough, Bruce D.; Proper Person, diss of marr, Div-FM-G

15-005413-DR In Re: Paternity: Barr, Dave James and Betts, Lorie L.; Sullivan, Sarah Rebecca, atty, Div-FM-C

15-005414-DR Campbell, Patrick A and Campbell, Lashon D; Sarris, Gust G, atty, diss of marr, Div-FM-E

15-005415-DR Lewis, Eric L and Vasquez Rivera, Karen; Spears, Kenneth Lynn, atty, diss of marr, Div-FM-A

15-005420-DR Morgan, Mikie Renee and Morgan, Richard Allen; Parrott, Travis Lloyd, atty, diss of marr, Div-FM-G

15-005421-DR In Re: Name Change: Screven, Gerald K Jr; Baggett, Erin Suzanne, atty, Div-FM-C

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