Family Law - 10/27/2016

New court cases involving marriage, adoption, paternity or divorce.

16-005663-DR Risha, Miles Joseph and Risha, Shanna Leigh; Proper Person, Simplified Dissolution Div-FM-A

16-005664-DR Ray, Dena M. and Ray, James R.; Dolan, Erin-elizabeth, atty, diss of marr Div-FM-F

16-005665-DR In Re: Name Change: Tassinari, Linda Joy; Proper Person, Div-FM-G

16-005667-DR Garnier, Taylor and Hand, Joshua; Tyson, Joshua Christopher, atty, Paternity Div-FM-A

16-005668-DR Stewart, Shirley Love and Stewart, Willie Earl; Doty, Stephen Michael, atty, diss of marr Div-FM-F

16-005669-DR Halliday, Anna and Halliday, Donald J; Gasparo, Sharon Lynn, atty, diss of marr Div-FM-G

16-005670-DR In Re: Name Change: Yates, Shawna; Proper Person, Div-FM-C

16-005671-DR Lopez, Diamond and Hassan, Flores; Proper Person, Paternity Div-FM-A

16-005672-DR Timoll-duncan, Kai and Duncan, Marcelle; Proper Person, diss of marr Div-FM-F

16-005673-DR Stratton, Jason and Stratton, Harriett K; Maddox, Shane Carlton, atty, diss of marr Div-FM-G

16-005674-DR Cummings, Stacey, Cummings, Stacey and Cummings, Chad; Norman, Wendy J, atty Houser, Jenna Marie, atty, diss of marr Div-FM-C

16-005675-DR Budke, Phyllis and Budke, Wayne; Georges, Catheline Jessica, atty, diss of marr Div-FM-E

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