Federal Tax Liens - 05/27/2016

Legal documents recently recorded when a claim against the assets of a business or individual filed by the United States for taxes not paid.

James E. Morgan, Jr. & Keyla, $31,488.05, filed 5-5-2016

Deborah Frady, $32,678.80, filed 5-5-2016

Orhan Celen & Sabina, $52,846.95, filed 5-5-2016

George Smith, $542,516.52, filed 5-5-2016

Neal Rider, $12,502.39, filed 5-5-2016

Tanya G. Tubbs, $15,883.94, filed 5-5-2016

John T. Tubbs & Tanya G., $6,803.31, filed 5-5-2016

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