Satisfied Fed Tax Liens - 11/19/2015

Legal documents recently recorded when a release of a claim against the assets of a business or individual incurred as a result of a Federal tax lien is filed.

Deborah Lynn Armand, 17193-2468, filed 10-27-2015

Henley Metal LLC, 17325-315, filed 10-27-2015

Michael S. Magners, 14156-2271, filed 10-27-2015

Olivia Clarke & Gerald, 14530-1223, filed 10-27-2015

Alphonso E. Anderson, 14659-1478, 15195-94, filed 10-27-2015

Janice L. Beyer, 15151-1157, filed 10-27-2015

Reginald E. Neal, 15188-1199, filed 10-27-2015

Paul D. Markiewicz, 15462-620, filed 10-27-2015

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