Orders & Decrees - 02/17/2017

Reports of court finding and decisions such as granting of dissolution, final judgments, etc.

Kristina Marie McLain & Paul Fenton McLain, II, final judg

Moneq Bolton & Darrious Bolton, final judg

Arthur Lee Williams, Jr. & Lashane Nichole Williams, final judg

Shanithia Lapenia Walker & Homer Lee Dillard, III, final judg

Christina Carrigg & Tyson Yates, final judg

Kyle Rance Crews & Holly Rae Crews, final judg

Carlton Rogers & Nichol Rogers, final judg

Dondre S. Rosier & Dawn R. Rosier, final judg

Antonio Wims & Chidonna Wims, final judg

Neal C. Ridout & Valerie S. Mosley, final judg

Christine Nicole Williams & Mark V. Williams, final judg

Eldred Simms & Crystal A. Rhinehart-Simms, final judg

Michael Hall & April Hall, final judg

Gendry Fermin Escusa & Denise Marie Escusa, final judg

Elliot Jared Falcon & Ashley Lopes, final judg

Edward Childress & Suzanne Childress, final judg

Robert Laster & Holly Laster, final judg

Danica Warfield & Devin Warfield, final judg

Salim Lawton & Jacqueline Lawton, final judg

Phyllis Ashley & Geneva Jackson, final judg

James J. McWilliams & Hayat McWilliams, final judg

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