Probate - 10/20/2016

New court cases involving the instructions of a deceased person, deciding who will be the executor (personal representative) of an estate, or adjudicating the interests of heirs and other parties who may have claims against an estate.

16-001460-CP In Re: Estate of Rinzivillo, Drew J.; Hill, Ray C, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001461-GA In Re: Estate of Weiksnar, Thomas E, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001462-CP In Re: Estate of Lane, Jo Ann Brewer; Rummell, Danielle Marie, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001463-CP In Re: Estate of Rice, John Grady; Rodenborn, John Fabian, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001464-CP In Re: Estate of Hanlon, Linda T; Sarris, Gust G, atty, Div-PR-A

12-01164-CP In Re: Estate of Mckean, Rhoda S; Flammia, Kathleen, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001485-CP In Re: Estate of Steele, Phyllis Pauline; Joyce Roland, ProSe Disposition Of Personal Property W/o Administration Div-PR-A

16-001486-CP In Re: Estate of Dobson, Thomas Wyatt; Jones, Richard Keith, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001487-CP In Re: Estate of Blabach, Robert E; Jackson, Edward Pendleton, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001488-CP In Re: Estate of Thomas, Willie J Jr; Walker, ProSe Summary Admin-estates Valued At Less Than $1,000 Div-PR-A

16-001489-CP In Re: Estate of Northup, Harry Martin; November, John Henry, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001490-CP In Re: Estate of Sullivan, John Joseph; Blackburn, Bryan Eugene, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001492-GA In Re: Estate of Sullivan, Sarah Rebecca, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001493-CP In Re: Estate of Vaughn Trust Dated 12/2/97, Mildred B; Bryant, Robert Kellen, atty, Div-PR-A

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