Probate - 08/26/2016

New court cases involving the instructions of a deceased person, deciding who will be the executor (personal representative) of an estate, or adjudicating the interests of heirs and other parties who may have claims against an estate.

16-001251-CP Wilson, Kenneth H, Dugan, Adam J, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001252-CP Schuster, Barbara, Safer, Eliot Jacob, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001253-GA Gillis, Harold Timothy, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001254-CP Rockwell, Bruce Allen, Mcconnell, Jerrett Matthew, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001255-CP Watson, Miguel, Armstrong, Dan W, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001256-CP Wright, Geraldine E, Dixon, James Hansford Iii, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001258-CP Jaber, Diana May, Safer, Eliot Jacob, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001259-CP Royal, William Jackson, Meide, Moses Jr, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001260-CP Herbert, Elaine, Tousey, Clay Burford Jr, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001261-CP Waters, Ollie W, Bryant, Robert Kellen, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001263-CP Kemp, Archie J, Dixon, James Hansford III, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001264-CP Gunter, Ronald E, Hughes, Philip B, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001265-CP Cagle, James M, Goodman, Jonathan H, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001268-CP Rozansky, Frank Philip, Boatright, Scott Randall, atty, Div-PR-A

16-001269-CP Ansbacher, Jordan J, Schneider, Michael N, atty, Div-PR-A

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