Probate - 05/23/2017

New court cases involving the instructions of a deceased person, deciding who will be the executor (personal representative) of an estate, or adjudicating the interests of heirs and other parties who may have claims against an estate.

In Re: Estate of Lyons, William Lee, Proper Person; Div-PR-A, 17-001060-CP

In Re: Estate of Wood, Betty Geraldine, Goodman, Jonathan H, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001056-CP

In Re: Estate of Wilcox, Felicia Ann, atty; Kapperman, Michael Joseph, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001058-GA

In Re: Estate of Conner, Laverne H, Edwards, William Thomas Jr, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001053-CP

In Re: Estate of Reddington, Lois, Edwards, William Thomas Jr, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001054-CP

In Re: Estate of English, Suzanne W, Ludwick, Ryan M, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001057-CP

In Re: Estate of Perez, Maria Julia, Ray, Krista Waldron, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001059-CP

In Re: Estate of Swanson, Maxine R, Proper Person; Div-PR-A, 17-001061-CP

In Re: Estate of Degeorgio, Florence Eileen, Gramm, Jo Ann Leigh, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001055-CP

In Re: Estate of Clark, Donald Wayne, Wilson, Dale Stewart, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001062-CP

In Re: Estate of Parker, Geraldine James, Johnson, Sandra Warner, atty; Div-PR-A, 17-001052-CP

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