Probate - 09/12/2014

New court cases involving the instructions of a deceased person, deciding who will be the executor (personal representative) of an estate, or adjudicating the interests of heirs and other parties who may have claims against an estate.

14-001785-CP In Re: Estate of Bell, Berdon Manley Jr, McCann, Patrick Joseph, atty, Div-PR-A

14-001786-CP In Re: Estate of Smith, Jackie L Jr, Haines, Michelle P, atty, Div-PR-A

14-001787-CP In Re: Estate of Stemmer, Richard S, Donahoo, Thomas Mitchell, atty, Div-PR-A

14-001788-CP In Re: Estate of Mendell, Brenda Faye, Safer, Eliot Jacob, atty, Div-PR-A

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