Probate - 02/24/2017

New court cases involving the instructions of a deceased person, deciding who will be the executor (personal representative) of an estate, or adjudicating the interests of heirs and other parties who may have claims against an estate.

16-002622-GA In Re: Estate of Campbell, Karen Patricia, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002623-GA In Re: Estate of Showalter, Russell Holmes II, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002624-CP In Re: Estate of Avener, Leslie J; Donahoo, Thomas Mitchell Jr, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002625-CP In Re: Estate of Pischly, Dennis L; Sermos, Slade Cain, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002626-CP In Re: Estate of Bashore, Marjorie R; Meide, Moses Jr, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002627-CP In Re: Estate of Halford, Eugene Thurman Jr; Wicker, Linda Rosa, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002628-CP In Re: Estate of Forrestel, Joseph Francis; Mason, Sean Patrick, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002629-CP In Re: Estate of Brinson, Henry Sr; Hinson, Matthew Howard, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002630-CP In Re: Estate of Hall, Earl Joseph; Vicki Hall, ProSe, Div-PR-A

16-002631-CP In Re: Estate of Towler, Bettie Dixon; Tousey, Clay B III, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002632-CP In Re: Estate of Oakes, Lloyd Hamilton; Dawkins, Robert Allen, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002633-CP In Re: Estate of Encarnacion, Gary E.; Schnauss Naugle, Katherine B, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002634-CP In Re: Estate of Samek, Ruthwood C; Dawkins, Robert Allen, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002635-GA In Re: Estate of Owens, James Adam, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002636-CP In Re: Estate of Parker, Anna Lou; Winter, W Alan, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002637-CP In Re: Estate of Galano, Juan M; Ourednik, Karel IV, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002638-CP In Re: Estate of Wilson, Ernestine Crowell; Lawrence, Noel G, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002639-GA In Re: Estate of Mcclain, Carrie Danielle, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002640-CP In Re: Estate of Poole, James E Sr; Marshall, Reese, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002641-CP In Re: Estate of Flynt, Ruth Edna; Compton, Wayne R, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002642-CP In Re: Estate of Head, David; Mcclain, Carrie Danielle, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002644-CP In Re: Estate of Scott, Kimberly Jean; Washington, Deborah Ann, atty, Div-PR-A

16-002645-CP In Re: Estate of Pappas, Florentine A; Blizzard, Tina P; Akel, Edward C, atty, Div-PR-A

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