Civil Orders - 07/31/2015

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

17207-1481 Franklin Johnson vs. Tommy Nelson & Cinny Wheeler, final judg

17208-208 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Soprena Cannimore, final judg

17208-209 JMG Realty Inc. vs. Kevin Ransom, final judg

17208-217 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Althea Smothers, final judg

17208-222 St. Charles Gardens Apts. vs. Aeliea Calvary, final judg

17208-231 Portside MHC LLC vs. Gary M. Weinstock & Melissa A. et al, final judg

17208-236 Alexander John Hardie vs. Megan Young, final judg

17208-454 CACH LLC vs. Paula McCord, final judg

17208-496 River City Place LLLP vs. Courtney Carpenter, final judg

17208-540 George Jackmore vs. Levi E. Dodson & Waylon E. Morongell

17208-1851 Jacksonville Student Housing LLC vs. Mariah Miller, final judg

17209-219 CACH LLC vs. Brenda Watkins, final judg

17209-221 Timuquana Road LLC vs. Jacqueline Tisdale, final judg

17209-230 Epoch Southpoint Investment Partners Ltd. vs. Vanessa Bernadotte, final judg

17209-261 Jacksonville Housing Authority vs. Tikiya Hall, final judg

17209-264 Kimberly Theisen vs. Jeanise Brown, final judg

17209-268 JeffreyProperties.com vs. Nasheema Redding & Annie L. McGhee, final judg

17209-885 Hampton Park Association Inc. vs. Savedra J. Dirani, final judg

17209-887 La Estancia Apartments vs. Jacole Howard, final judg

17209-944 Judith A. Vaughn vs. David A. Matthews, final judg

17209-978 Riverview Apartments vs. Emmanuel Gelly et al, final judg

17209-981 FLKNARRS LLC vs. Paul Bouroughstill, final judg

17209-983 Charter Landing Apartments vs. Dorie Garvin, final judg

17209-995 Ability Housing of Northeast Florida Inc. vs. Kimberly Williams, final judg

17209-1082 Tony Creppel vs. Craig Timmons et al, final judg

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