Civil Orders - 01/20/2017

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

17752-2171 Monaco Arms LLC vs. Rosemary D. Grant et al, final judg

17752-2310 Firstsun Financial Inc. vs. Sonya R. Christian, final judg

17752-2464 Kenneth C. Williams vs. Raw Cuts Deluxe LLC, final judg

17753-181 Transfield Services Infrastructure Inc. vs. Rebecca Rose Cassell, final judg

17753-254 Princeton Management vs. Rosetta Reddick, final judg

17753-259 Rosalind Villas LP vs. Solomon Riddle, final judg

17753-523 Lincoln Property Managers vs. April Howle, final judg

17753-526 GCK Investments LLC vs. Samuel Reyes, final judg

17753-533 Jax 2582 LLC vs. Gawaan Walker & Shakeya Fogle, final judg

17753-534 Jefferson Capital Systems LLC vs. Latrichia Garmon, final judg

17753-622 Norbal Garcia vs. James Clayton Rains, final judg

17753-690 Mac Arbor Place LLC vs. Jeffrey Voight & Bethany Evans, final judg

17753-694 The Argent Group LLC vs. James Parker et al, final judg

17753-696 Riverview Real Estate LLC vs. Irene Cooper, final judg

17753-714 Yes Companies LLC vs. Michael Kelly Tritt & Cheryl, final judg

17753-719 Jerome Wilson vs. Kelli Wilson Smith, final judg

17753-724 BW River Oaks LLC vs. Thrisa Bowes, final judg

17753-732 Retail Portfolio South Main LLC vs. James MacDougall, final judg

17753-839 Westridge Operating LLC vs. Tyeesha Street, final judg

17753-936 Sage Property Holdings LLC vs. Michael David Bryant, final judg

17753-1586 LCA Sprinkler Reach LP vs. Kawana Hinton et al, final judg

17753-1591 Yes Companies LLC vs. Christopher Ellis Stark, final judg

17753-1655 Princeton Management vs. Shelbe Hinton & Adolphis Jackson, final judg

17753-1691 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Trina Saunders, final judg

17753-1928 Princeton Management vs. Thera Moore, final judg

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