Civil Orders - 07/28/2016

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

17599-2181 Bowden Road Housing Ltd. vs. Natasha Taylor-Fuller, final judg

17599-2217 Pine Meadows Associates Ltd. vs. Carolyn Brooks, final judg

17599-2232 Sterling Jewelers Inc. vs. Michael Esteban, final judg

17600-467 Anthony Countryman vs. Wanda Banks, final judg

17600-470 Clifton R. Player, Jr. & Amy G. vs. Clint Theriault, final judg

17600-503 Barbara Hoffmeyer vs. Heather Higginbotham & Starr Zattiero, final judg


17600-506 Damatreia Mealer

17600-561 Angela King

17600-568 LLJ Multifamily Ventures 5 LLC vs. Cyril Stubbs & Christopher Stubbs, final judg

17600-683 Howard D. Hall vs. Sarah Durham et al, final judg

17600-692 Capital One Bank vs. Carolyn J. Sanders, final judg

17600-819 John Hallow vs. Zebulon Perkins, final judg

17600-1124 Blue Ribbon Realty LLC vs. Steven C. Lackey & June M. et al, final judg

17600-1131 JeffreyProperties.com vs. Vera L. Boggs, final judg

17600-1198 Edens Edge Apartments LLC vs. Roneisha Turner & Khalilah Redden, final judg

17600-1222 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Janet Keskinen, final judg

17600-1363 Mary Floyd vs. Katina Thomas, final judg

17600-1385 Binyamin Machado vs. Melissa Strangis & Paul Crane, final judg

17600-1388 Friedman Integrated Real Estate Solutions vs. Carissa Foley, final judg

17600-1422 Lincoln Property Management vs. Gregory Fields, final judg

17600-1428 GSKJ LLC vs. Keyatta I. Willis et al, final judg

17600-1432 New Coquina Bay Associates LLC vs. Joseph Serrano et al, final judg

17600-1444 All America Realty LLC vs. Kenneth Tilton, final judg

17600-1447 Jude Predelus vs. Edmund Washington, final judg

17600-1451 JSA Realty Holdings LLC vs. Ola Mae Perkins, final judg

17600-1452 Rathor Grunder vs. Kacitha McCoy, final judg

17600-1453 Orange Park Partnership vs. Robert L. Bell et al, final judg

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