Civil Orders - 02/10/2016

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

17423-2281 3200 Hartley LLC vs. Patrick Principato, final judg

17423-2283 Mitchell & Williams Realty LLC vs. Sharon Cooper & Terry, final judg

17423-2304 397 South Sierra Madre LLC vs. Morgan Powell & Cory Simpkins, final judg

17423-2305 Mid-America Apartment Communities Inc. vs. Arnold Brown, final judg

17423-2308 Roosevelt Associates Ltd. vs. Rhenika Smith, final judg

17423-2311 Edward Malone vs. Monquisha Whitmore et al, final judg

17423-2313 Virginian Arms Apartments Inc. vs. Tawanna Billups et al, final judg

17423-2322 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Kendra Lyles, final judg

17423-2333 Three 5775 LLC vs. Shanwquah Crosby, final judg

17423-2335 Michele Cavaliere Basson vs. Latoya Lincoln et al, final judg

17423-2349 Pursuit of Progress LLC vs. Marjorie Howard et al, final judg

17423-2351 Common Ground Investments vs. Dionne Shamell et al, final judg

17423-2356 Sunny Acres Trust No. 1 vs. David Cain et al, final judg

17424-443 Fast Payday Loans Inc. vs. Claudette D. Jackson, final judg

17424-784 Shucom Properties Inc. vs. Antonio Reed, final judg

17424-944 John Taylor vs. John Bennett & Kelly Davis et al, final judg

17424-954 Suncoast Property Management vs. Michael Green et al, final judg

17424-998 Atlantic Coast Bank vs. North Florida Concrete Solutions LLC & Stephen P. Laveck, final judg

17424-1052 Magnolia Point Apartments vs. Gladys Ellzey & Ivori Bush, final judg

17424-1067 San Miguel Management vs. Da’Lavonte Smalley, final judg

17424-1091 CPS Investments LLC vs. Rodney Parker et al, final judg

17424-1175 R.L. Jones vs. Marvett Marshall, final judg

17424-1182 CF Lane LLC vs. Gentle Groover, final judg

17424-1330 Suncoast Property Management vs. Edsell Harris et al, final judg

17424-1359 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Jozetta Thompson & Christian Hatchett, final judg

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