Civil Orders - 12/09/2016

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

17714-785 Mid-America Apartments LP vs. Laura Argrett-Hestle, filed 9-19-2016

17714-800 Real Source Management vs. Jamaal Bell, filed 9-19-2016

17714-852 Leclair Group Inc. vs. Dwayne Cuffee, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1066 Princeton Management vs. Franeeca Boggan, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1232 Beauclerc Bay Apts. Ltd. vs. Misha White, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1239 4295 Sunbeam LLC vs. Mark Blackwell, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1247 Bayshore Grove Management vs. Chastity Campbell, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1248 First Coast Rental Management vs. Damian Jackson, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1249 Carroll Management vs. Elshay Terry, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1256 Leclair Group Inc. vs. Amaya Coleman, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1303 PBH Mayport LLC vs. Monique Franklin, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1311 ADCIP LLC vs. Fernando Caldero, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1312 Elon Property Management vs. Angel Black, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1321 US Residential Group vs. Timothy Ricketts, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1325 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Tiffany Whittaker, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1332 Ford Motor Credit Co. LLC vs. Jasper Leon, Jr., filed 9-19-2016

17714-1346 1706 Art Museum LLC vs. Caleb Paul, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1355 Astor FLA LLC vs. Latoya N. Jackson, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1389 Mission Springs One 5775 LLC vs. Darnequa Williams, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1390 Cross Creek LLC vs. Breyona Bolden, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1391 Blue Rock Premier Properties LLC vs. John King, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1392 Heritage Florida Property Holdings LLC vs. Christopher Carnes, filed 9-19-2016

17714-1623 TFG Jacksonville LLC vs. Ronald Macy & Brittnie Collier, final judg

17714-1731 Elon Property Management vs. Ashley Lopes, final judg

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