Civil Orders - 10/06/2015

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

17284-213 Thanh Lam vs. Richard Taylor, final judg

17284-216 B. Burbridge Trust vs. Lawrence McMillian, final judg

17284-261 VCP River Oaks LLC vs. Markesha Robinson, final judg

17284-264 Marjorie Brown vs. Kimberly Lacey, final judg

17284-290 Mark Shuman Inc. vs. Eureka James et al, final judg

17284-360 Floral Bluff LLC vs. Lindzy Sima, final judg

17284-376 Sultana Rahim vs. Jonathan Rayon White & Angeline M., final judg

17284-377 Jim Brinkley vs. Vicki Spivey et al, final judg

17284-404 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Brittany Dixon, final judg

17284-1394 Paradise Village vs. Sandra Griffin, final judg

17284-1524 Mitchell & Williams Realty LLC vs. Craig Campbell, Jr., final judg

17284-1532 Joanne O’Grady vs. Jennifer Edelen et al, final judg

17284-1593 Baymeadows Villages Gardens Associates LLC & 37 East Baymeadows Village LLC vs. Peter Crumerity & Michelle, final judg

17284-1627 Jacksonville Housing Authority vs. John Anderson, Jr., final judg

17284-1638 MPI Timbers LLC, NRAI Services LLC & MPI Timbers Trust vs. Kenyatta Merine et al, final judg

17284-1772 Three 5775 LLC vs. Sheree Taylor, final judg

17284-1973 Zhen Hou vs. Adam S. Sopenasky et al, final judg

17285-672 Jan Investment Group Inc. vs. Craig Alderman et al, final judg

17285-761 Promotora Inmobiliaria Jacksonville LLC vs. Christian Rushing, final judg

17285-1256 Ortega Pines LLC vs. Serena Mays, final judg

17285-1275 Robin J. Murdong & Shenieka Shaunte Myers, final judg

17285-1342 JMG Realty Inc. vs. Marva Ard, final judg

17285-1343 Fort Landon LLC vs. Clarniece L. Caupain et al, final judg

17285-1361 Vedrick Dunbar vs. Leroy McDonald & Letoria, final judg

17285-1364 Nicole Young-Hardwick vs. Kayla Mathis, final judg

17285-1384 Mallard’s Landing Associates Ltd. vs. Hector Crawford, final judg

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