Civil Orders - 02/24/2017

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

17836-1618 Collins Property Managers vs. Angela Graham, final judg

17836-1653 Michael Rosengarten vs. Yassmin Stevens, final judg

17836-1677 Jacksonville Student Housing LLC vs. Benjamin Smith et al, final judg


17836-1928 Jeffery Huston

17836-1929 Lori Peterson

17836-1930 Elon Property Management vs. Harry Pierce & Michelle Current, final judg

17836-1931 Duke Properties vs. Bertina Sims Williams, final judg

17836-1958 Gyorgy Laszlo Hammer vs. Adriane Johnson, final judg

17836-1960 Beauclerc Bay Apts. Ltd. vs. William Andralliski, final judg

17836-1963 Kingdom Rents Inc. vs. Fred Lewis

17836-1965 Southwind Property Holdings LP vs. Friss Spease

17836-1966 APICDA LLC vs. Angelia Brown

17836-1968 Discover Bank vs. Mikhail N. Zabran

17836-1972 Crabtree Properties LLC vs. Michael McCrae et al

17836-1973 Upside Management LLC vs. Joni Upson

17836-1974 Michael Rosengarten vs. Linda Pettit

17836-1975 Roco-Colonial Forest LLC vs. Lance Carter & Sasha et al

17836-1976 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Yolanda Smith


17836-1977 Marcia Burnice Wyckoff et al

17836-1978 William Peed & Joanna et al

17836-1979 Michael Dartt & Kathy vs. Greta Graydon & Mable Carpenter

17836-1982 Orange Park Partnership vs. Heather Peters & Brian Shirley

17836-1983 Duval Realty Inc. vs. Edward E. Frazier et al

17836-1984 AMH 2014-1 Borrower LLC vs. Janice Tanksley & Williams, III et al

17836-1985 Deanna Adams vs. Harry Van Buren & Bandy Worth

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