Civil Orders - 10/24/2016

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

17676-2048 CT Jax B 1 LLC vs. Anthony Cherry, final judg

17676-2071 L.M. Newkirk, Jr. vs. Larry L. Harris, final judg

17676-2074 4295 Sunbeam LLC vs. Shannon Barber, final judg

17676-2075 Westridge Operating LLC vs. Karimah Akil, final judg

17676-2395 Spring Woods Property Holding LLC vs. Garrett Jackson, final judg

17677-255 SM-Planters Walk LLC vs. Linda Cowan, final judg

17677-285 Pacifica L31 LLC vs. Johns Schmidt, final judg

17677-289 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Vanesa Bryant, final judg

17677-292 Mid America Apartments LP vs. Tony Johnson, final judg

17677-714 Oeasley Newman vs. Adesijuola Ogunjobi, final judg


17677-1309 Mary Washington et al

17677-1335 Mary Washington et al

17677-2284 La Estancia Apartments vs. Terrance O’Myrick & Dannielle Brown, final judg

17677-2454 Daljeet Dev & Sudla Deol vs. Charles Bunch & Nathen McGarey, final judg

17677-2471 Pacon Corp. vs. Francbeth Inc., final judg

17678-358 G&I VII Bartram Park LLC vs. Takela Collins, final judg

17678-367 Justina Apartment LLC vs. Nicole Holmes et al, final judg

17678-679 Yes Companies LLC vs. Cassandra Dawn Thompson, final judg

17678-689 Anthony Woods vs. Antonio Brown & Natasha, final judg

17678-747 Leclair Group Inc. vs. Janella Sharpe, final judg

17678-1009 Princeton Management vs. Kim Goodson, final judg

17678-1931 Marguerite M. Horne vs. Alexandria Grove & Carinell Walls

17678-2034 Lincoln Property Management Vs. Dequarrus Jones, final judg

17678-2056 Park Avenues Rental Communities Two Ltd. Vs. Octavia G. Gibson et al, final judg

17678-2067 AL Homes LLC Vs. Petronra McMillan & Royce Johnson, final judg

17678-2068 Aggressive Holdings Inc. Vs. Kimberly Williams, final judg

17678-2079 Jason Palmer Vs. Rickey Hill, final judg

17678-2081 WRH Realty Services Inc. Vs. Erica Gadner, final judg

17678-2105 Riverview Real Estate LLC Vs. Carl Gause, final judg

17678-2118 Kelly Landry Mehrtens Vs. LaToya Singleton, final judg

17678-2123 Jax Deerwood LLC Vs. Greggory Reed, final judg

17678-2148 Shucom Properties Inc. Vs. Jameshia Payton, final judg

17678-2326 Princeton Management Vs. Nicholas Gailone, final judg

17679-75 Reserve Water LLC Vs. Christa Beale, final judg

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