Civil Orders - 06/24/2016

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

17573-35 EVB Holdings LLC vs. Bryan C. Smith & Chanice C. Xavier, final judg

17573-37 D. Rey vs. Jontill Lewis et al, final judg

17573-68 Charles Culp vs. Lori A. Calina & Lucas R. Myers, final judg

17573-445 Richard David Ward vs. Annika James & Jamie Baker, final judg

17573-454 Edward Malone vs. Lisa Creech et al, final judg

17573-535 Pacifica L31 LLC vs. Scott Monroe, final judg

17573-550 Henry H. Russ, Jr. vs. Lonnie Moore et al, final judg

17573-576 Michael Leggett vs. Tiffany Chappell et al, final judg

17573-596 Match Made Realty vs. Denise Dollenis, final judg

17573-666 Sandra June DeFelice vs. Sydney Ilana DeFelice, final judg

17573-721 Lake Park Colonial LLLP vs. William Bracy, final judg

17573-756 Ortega Pines LLC vs. Kelby Wilson, final judg

17573-1151 Discover Bank vs. Sheila Mackey & Gregory R., final judg

17573-1217 US Auto Credit Purchasing Center LLC vs. Deangelo Thompson, final judg

17573-1329 Mary Varoni vs. Ashley Hicks, final judg

17574-376 ACP Palmetto LLC vs. Daniel Alexander, final judg

17574-379 Match Made Realty vs. Shaquana Johnson, final judg


17574-383 Anton Brown

17574-387 Derrell Eley

17574-398 Boss Investment Corp. vs. Vincent Thomas, final judg

17574-422 Thomas R. Brown, Jr. vs. Marie Lynn Blanchard & Willard T. Clifton, III, final judg

17574-432 Helpful Citizens Inc. vs. Mary Dunham et al, final judg

17574-436 Sunbeam Apartments LLC vs. Chris Johnson, final judg

17574-444 Jacksonville Affordable Communities THC vs. Derrick Fort, final judg

17574-449 Cleveland Arms Apartments Ltd. vs. Denise McCord, final judg

17574-453 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Khalilah Redden & Roneisha Turner, final judg

17574-458 The Shaughnessy Group Inc. vs. Alicia Thomas et al, final judg

17574-461 Bob Tarris vs. John Ridenour et al, final judg

17574-466 Arlington Apt. LLC vs. Tierra J. Johnson, final judg

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