Civil Orders - 09/03/2015

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

17252-1371 Stonegate I LLC vs. Nikki Scott & Avery, final judg

17252-1439 Orlando Velez/Arlington Properties LLC vs. Summer L. Cammons & Patricia A. Feagins et al, final judg


17252-1505 Christopher T. Williams et al

17252-1632 Ashley N. Clark et al

17252-1775 Spinnaker Reach Apartments of Duval Ltd. vs. Danielle M. Lagerman & Marisa F. Conrad et al, final judg

17252-1778 Columns Properties LLC vs. Jessica Stacy et al, final judg

17252-1784 Jacksonville Property Holdings LLC vs. Asil Griffin, final judg

17252-1785 GSKJ LLC vs. Thomas John Pope & Ashlyne Marie Bell et al, final judg

17252-1808 Fort Landon LLC vs. Marsai D. Cruz et al, final judg

17252-1813 Kevin Beebe vs. Dejuan Lionell Cofer, final judg

17252-1960 Wickshire Jacksonville LLC vs. Katherine Herrera, final judg

17252-1961 Escore Investment Group vs. Siera Shante Monger, final judg

17252-1994 Summer Oak Group LLC vs. Robert Graden, final judg

17252-1999 Charlotte D. Johnson vs. Deborah Davis, final judg

17252-2041 Namni Properties vs. Maurice L. Smith et al, final judg

17252-2099 EZ Ownership vs. Jericho Lane et al, final judg

17252-2107 Creative Choice Homes XXIV vs. Cecily Lesesne, final judg

17252-2261 H. Scott Hilaman vs. Brenton Mills & India Grayson et al, final judg

17252-2312 GSKJ LLC vs. Claude Rewis et al, final judg

17252-2400 Orion A. Caldwell vs. Brittany Williams, final judg

17252-2490 Westcreek/Westcreek II Apartments vs. Anthony Canty, final judg

17253-123 La Estancia Apartments vs. Carnisha Rogers, final judg

17253-168 Galil Kanfi vs. Sherry J. Johnson & Barry Joe Christopher Legem et al, final judg

17253-186 Suncoast Property Management vs. Crystal Johnson et al, final judg

17253-1503 Michele Robinson vs. Kristen Gaint et al, final judg

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