Civil Orders - 04/29/2016

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

17507-710 Donna Phitides vs. Jeremy Wilkerson & Danyiel Barnes et al, final judg

17507-723 Fort Francis LLC vs. Darrell J. Smith et al, final judg

17507-1444 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Carlos Doston, final judg

17507-1507 Roosevelt Associates Ltd. vs. Danielle Glover, final judg

17507-1510 Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Donnita Holsey, final judg

17507-1548 Anne Biondo vs. Paul A. Eldred et al, final judg

17507-1822 Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Peggy Herring, final judg

17507-1930 Jacksonville Student Housing LLC vs. Taylor Denise Lucas et al, final judg

17507-2323 Henry Britt vs. Carol Bostic et al, final judg

17507-2363 Summer Oak Group LLC vs. Mykia Merriwether, final judg

17507-2366 San Miguel Management vs. Jasmin Hughes, final judg

17507-2368 SDB Tradewinds LLC vs. Dianne Mann, final judg

17507-2388 White Collar Holdings LLC vs. Felicia Myrick et al, final judg

17507-2413 FLKNARRS/Franklin Arms Apartments vs. Kishun Redmon, final judg

17508-1238 James P. Flint vs. Chris Lewis, final judg

17508-1267 Joel T. Clark vs. Toni Baggett & Ericka Cartwright, final judg

17508-1279 Tradewinds Apartments vs. Oksana Hazley, final judg

17508-1288 Sandra Sierra Roton vs. Patrick Dean Miller et al, final judg

17508-1298 San Miguel Management vs. Marcus Darby, final judg

17508-1304 Lincoln Property Management vs. Dominick McNair, final judg

17508-1308 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Kenyetta Steepers, final judg

17508-1328 Summer Oak Group LLC vs. Genika Woods, final judg

17508-1347 Princeton Management vs. Josh McDuffie, final judg

17508-1365 Cavalry SPV I LLC vs. Leonard Dobson, Jr., final judg

17508-1369 Joseph Lim vs. Chastity Silva, final judg

17508-1414 Kevin Vera vs. Tamika Shuman, final judg

17508-1463 Fort Francis LLC vs. Meraisha K. Boyd et al, final judg

17508-1480 Fernando Batchelor vs. North Jax Auto Sales Inc., final judg

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