Civil Orders - 09/23/2016

New court cases not involving money such as eviction, transfer of rights, requiring cessation of an activity, etc.

17649-1467 Glenn E. Pitts vs. Nicole C. Reid, final judg

17649-1613 Discover Bank vs. Michael B. Alden, final judg

17649-2085 Medina Property Management Inc. vs. Tamara Ash, final judg

17649-2135 Lincoln Property Management vs. Jessica Smith & Suzette Goodrum, final judg

17649-2138 A.D.M. Ventures Inc. vs. RTLS Land Services LLC, final judg

17649-2152 Diamond Rental Management vs. Misty Davis, final judg

17649-2157 Young Realty vs. Leonid Kandyba, final judg

17649-2160 Lincoln Property Management vs. Angelica Hill, final judg

17650-186 A. Towana Parker vs. Latasha Hightower et al, final judg

17650-291 Princeton Management vs. Kennashia Joiner, final judg

17650-317 Lincoln Property Management vs. Richard Thomas, III & Dealona, final judg

17650-325 Hawkins Cove Owners Association Inc. vs. Current Tenant, final judg

17650-864 ADCIP LLC vs. Billy Tyson, final judg

17650-868 Arlington Apt. LLC vs. Henry C. Harris et al, final judg

17651-770 WRH Realty Services Inc. vs. Tawanna Billups, final judg

17651-1406 Lorin Investments/David Crair vs. Stephanie Sessions, final judg

17651-1432 Ruth Mathis vs. Pamela Roberts, final judg

17651-1445 Jabez Apartments & Homes LLC vs. Rasheed A. Durham, Sr. & Terri S., final judg

17651-1460 Althea Squire vs. Juvonya Lewis et al, final judg

17651-1530 Hammage & Skeet LLC vs. Luis Torres, final judg

17651-1708 Rosaria Kammerer vs. Ron Clayton et al, final judg

17651-1845 Dorothy O. Fontenot vs. Aaron McRae & Mahlina Borrero et al, final judg

17651-1975 Yohannes Gebru vs. Alicea Daniels, final judg

17651-2012 Stars Rest Inn vs. Sheldon Lewis et al, final judg

17651-2053 Jacksonville Affordable Communities THC Inc. vs. Matthew Rocheleau & John Hill, final judg

17651-2434 Jax Bargain Carpet Inc. vs. Jackie Wilson & Morgan et al, final judg

17652-1443 Farrah Salomon vs. Tiffany Clark et al, final judg

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