Chapter 7 - 11/25/2014

New court cases involving an individual or business that is unable to pay debts owed to creditors. All assets not exempted by law are liquidated to pay creditors.

Alvir Bajrektarevic, 1620 Bartram Rd #2306, Jacksonville, FL 32207, Atty: D Pinkston, Case No 14-05503, filed 11-10-2014

Elizabeth Emily Brantley, 7427 Warner Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32244, Atty: B Crumley, Case No 14-05505, filed 11-10-2014

Marandia Sheree Blair, 8121 Leafcrest Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32244, Atty: E Mousa, Case No 14-05508, filed 11-10-2014

Vicki M DeStefano aka Vicki Marie DeStefano, 8680 Baymeadows Rd E #725, Jacksonville, FL 32256, Atty: A Mickler, Case No 14-05524, filed 11-11-2014

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Do you support President Barack Obamaís executive order granting amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants?
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Monday 11/17 - Sunday 11/23
What do you think about Will Muschampís dismissal as the University of Florida football coach?
The results through Internet voting:
He deserved more time - 29%
It should have happened a long time ago - 71%
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