Chapter 7 - 02/12/2016

New court cases involving an individual or business that is unable to pay debts owed to creditors. All assets not exempted by law are liquidated to pay creditors.

Randy Lucero, 5252 Sunderland Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32210, Proper Person, Case No 16-00316, filed 1-29-2016

Phyllip Dayle Hamby, Jr & Gail Christine Hamby, 730 Cinnamon Tea Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32244-7075, Atty: R Peters, Case No 16-00317, filed 1-29-2016

Lakisha S Smith, 7816 Southside Bv #84, Jacksonville, FL 32256, Proper Person, Case No 16-00318, filed 1-29-2016

Samuel Pierre, 221 N Hogan St, Jacksonville, FL 32202, Proper Person, Case No 16-00319, filed 1-29-2016

Kelly K Krause aka Kelly Kay Krause, 2768 State Rd A1A #311, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233-2885, Atty: K Collier, Case No 16-00320, filed 1-29-2016

Erinesha J Hamilton aka Erinesha Jerrin Hamilton, 2001 Hodges Bv #104, Jacksonville, FL 32224-1099, Atty: K Collier, Case No 16-00323, filed 1-29-2016

Steven Michael Progar, 12210 Pink Panther Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32225, Atty: R Peters, Case No 16-00324, filed 1-29-2016

Jessica E Joiner aka Jessica Erin Joiner aka Jessica Erin Oliva aka Jessica Erin Ximiness, 201 N Hogan St #400, Jacksonville, FL 32202-4220, Atty: K Collier, Case No 16-00325, filed 1-29-2016

Jeffrey Drake Varner, 2001 Hodges Bv #1518, Jacksonville, FL 32224-3050, Atty: L Cohen, Case No 16-00328, filed 1-29-2016

Ha’Sani Mia Farley aka Ha’Sani Farley Wilcox aka Hasani Farley-Wilcox, 9092 Galloway Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32219, Atty: A Mickler, Case No 16-00330, filed 1-29-2016

Matthew E Levitt, 11 E Forsyth St #1407, Jacksonville, FL 32202, Atty: T Adam, Case No 16-00339, filed 1-29-2016

Linda H Fowler aka Linda Hill Fowler, 463 Purcell Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32221, Atty: M Wolfe, Case No 16-00340, filed 1-29-2016

John Henry Creech, III & Hope Lynn Creech aka Hope Lynn Richardson aka Hope Lynn Grantham, 13300 Atlantic Bv #316, Jacksonville, FL 32225, Atty: A Emery, Case No 16-00346, filed 1-29-2016

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