Chapter 13 - 03/29/2017

New court cases involving an individual or sole proprieter business. Debts owed to creditors are reorganized.

Laronda Annette Sloan, 12050 Alexandra Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32218, Atty: M Cleaveland, Case No 17-00785

Robbie Lee Fitzpatrick fka Robbie Lee McKnight aka Robbie B McKnight aka Bobbie Powell aka Robbie Lee Powell aka Robbie Brown, 9541 103rd St, Jacksonville, FL 32210, Atty: D DuFresne, Case No 10-00789

Joenetha Lavern OBerry, 8223 Firetower Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32210, Atty: G Stewart, Case No 17-00790

April McCall, 10894 Natalie Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32218, Atty: R Elrod, Jr, Case No 17-00799

Alphonso Hemmeain, PO Box 440823, Jacksonville, FL 32222, Atty: G Stewart, Case No 17-00800

Rhonda E Brown, 1240 Odessa St, Jacksonville, FL 32206, Atty: D Higginbotham, Case No 17-00801

Jason Scott Doyle & Kellie Denise Hines, 382 Silent Brook Tl, Jacksonville, FL 32225-5108, Atty: K Paysinger, Case No 17-00802

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