Chapter 13 - 02/12/2016

New court cases involving an individual or sole proprieter business. Debts owed to creditors are reorganized.

Eldridge M Sink, II aka Eldridge McKee Sink aka Ridge Sink & Denise Sink, 10083 Vineyard Lake Rd E, Jacksonville, FL 32256, Atty: D DuFresne, Case No 16-00309, filed 1-28-2016

Arther James Mincey, 8316 Cassie Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32221, Atty: D Dempsey, II, Case No 16-00313, filed 1-28-2016

David Dean Cooper, 1034 Paradise Ln, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233, Atty: K Hancock, Case No 16-00327, filed 1-29-2016

Latroy S Hampton aka Latroy Schiveal Hampton & Shyihona R Hampton aka Shyihona Reshanta Hampton aka Shyihona Reshanta Simmons aka Shyihona Reshanta Simmons Hampton, 7318 Lawn Tennis Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32277-9359, Atty: K Collier, Case No 16-00338, filed 1-29-2016

Gary Lynn King, Jr & Valerie Kim King, 7017 Cisco Gardens Rd W, Jacksonville, FL 32219, Atty: E Mousa, Case No 16-00341, filed 1-29-2016

Floyd R Smith aka Floyd R Robinson Smith aka Floyd Richard Smith, 2469 Cool Springs Dr S, Jacksonville, FL 32246-719, Atty: K Collier, Case No 16-00342, filed 1-29-2016

Gerardo Cernas & Virginia R Mendoza aka Virginia Ramirez Mendoza, 6501 Arching Branch Cr, Jacksonville, FL 32258-8445, Atty: K Collier, Case No 16-00345, filed 1-29-2016

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