Chapter 13 - 08/25/2016

New court cases involving an individual or sole proprieter business. Debts owed to creditors are reorganized.

Laurie Hartfield aka Laurie Robinson Hartfield aka Laurie Ann Hartfield, 7249 Gainesville Av, Jacksonville, FL 32208, Atty: C King, Case No 16-02998, filed 8-5-2016

Shanika S Brown-Hernandez & Rene E Hernandez, III, 14589 Garden Gate Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32258, Atty: E Mousa, Case No 16-03000, filed 8-5-2016

Craig William Goodwin, 9411 Telford Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32244, Atty: E Mousa, Case No 16-03003, filed 8-5-2016

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