Chapter 13 - 09/19/2014

New court cases involving an individual or sole proprieter business. Debts owed to creditors are reorganized.

Christopher J Baughman aka Christopher Jason Baughman, 2042 Knottingham Trace Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32246-1396, Atty: K Collier, Case No 14-04162, filed 8-27-2014

Kenneth Solomon Badger, 7023 Deauville Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32205, Atty: B Crumley, Case No 14-04145, filed 8-27-2014

Judy G Gay aka Judy Green Gay, 5125 Johnson Creek Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32218, Atty: A Emery, Case No 14-04170, filed 8-27-2014

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