Contractors selected for former Haydon Burns Library
The former Haydon Burns Library.
The floors in the old library were constructed to support the weight of thousands of books.
Danis and KBJ Architects Inc. have been selected as the lead contractors for redevelopment of the former Haydon Burns Library into a nonprofit center.

Danis will serve as the construction manager and KBJ Architects will be the architect for the Jessie Ball duPont Center, a philanthropic and nonprofit that will house organizations, including the fund.

Tenants will benefit from reduced operating costs because of lower rents, in addition to bulk purchasing opportunities.

Both the contractor and architect jobs were competitively bid.

"We had excellent proposals from local companies, both for the construction manager role and for the architect," said Sherry Magill, manager of the Jessie Ball duPont Fund LLC and fund president.

The fund purchased the library in June and anticipates interior demolition will be in the fourth of this year, with an expected building occupancy in the first half of 2015.

The fund is currently based in the Wells Fargo Center at 1 Independent Drive.

Danis, of Dayton, Ohio, has recent clients of Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, the University of North Florida and the city for the Jake M. Godbold City Hall Annex.

Jacksonville-based KBJ Architects has designed projects such as 841 Prudential Drive, the Wells Fargo Center, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Museum of Contemporary Art and the Florida Theatre.

The fund works to expand access and create opportunity through grants to more than 330 eligible organizations that are identified in duPont's will. The fund has assets of more than $270 million and awarded more than $239 million in grants since 1977.

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