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The Daily Record offers online advertising opportunities for your business. Online advertising allows you to build brand awareness, highlight products and services, introduce specials, and link to your web site.

Ad Pricing:

ImpressionsMedium RectangleLeaderboardHalf Page

Ad Specs & Requirements:

SIZES: Medium Rectangle - 300x250px
Large Leaderboard - 970x90px
Half Page - 300x600px
All sizes are in pixels.

SUBMISSION: Ads accepted in gif, jpg, flash(swf) formats
DEADLINES: Publish Ready Ads are due 2 working days prior to start date.
DESIGN SERVICES: Design Services are available at $75 per hour.

Ad Reporting:

Advertising Analytic Reports: Available at mid and end of run cycle.
Report Data includes: Impression Count, Click & Click-through count

Website Statistics:

Average monthly page views150,000+
Average unique vistors per month55,750+

Ad Locations:
Web Advertising Guidelines:

The following is a list of the guidelines that are most commonly missed:
* Ads must have a distinct border.
* Animation cannot exceed 10 seconds.
* Ads must have Company branding.
* Ads must match ad size (listed above).
* No obscene or otherwise objectionable content (images, verbage, etc.)
Purchase Online Advertising:

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Ad Size:
Number of Impressions:
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Start date:

End date:

Upload file:

Accepted file types are .jpg, .gif, and .swf.
Landing page/target URL:

Target URL must be a valid website address and the associated domain must not contain malware, spyware or any other malicious code or knowingly breach or circumvent any program security measure.


In order to ensure accuracy, if we have a question how would you prefer to be contacted?
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Phone Number:
E-mail Address:

Credit Card Information
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Expiration: (MM/YY)
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Billing Address:
The zip code where the credit card billing statement is sent is required for security purposes

Additional Comments:

Contract conditions

All contracts and/or agreements are subject to acceptance by Daily Record & Observer, LLC (Publisher) at the main office in Jacksonville, Florida.
This contract is with the named firm (Advertiser) and change of ownership or management will not dissolve contract obligations.
Advertiser hereby acknowledges receipt of Publisher's Rate Information and agrees to be bound by its terms as incorporated herein for which Advertiser agrees to pay for the space reserved and specified on this agreement.
Orders may be cancelled if written notice is received within 72 hours of date of contract.
Advertiser cancelling after that period will be subject to a short-rate charge.
Any advertising copy that is not submitted "camera-ready" on or before the closing date(s) as published is subject to a production charge of no less than $75.00. Advertiser will be provided with no more than two proofs. A production charge applies, but is not limited to, any layout, design, or typesetting performed by the Publisher.
Failure to acknowledge or return proof will not alter contract payment terms or obligations.
All charges are due and payable upon receipt of advertisement proof. Advertiser and agent (if any) each agree to be jointly and severally responsible for full payment thereof. In any action brought upon this agreement, venue shall be proper in Jacksonville, Florida and advertiser and agent expressly waive any objections to venue or personal jurisdiction therein. In any such legal action, the prevailing party shall be entitled to award of reasonable attorneys' fees in addition to any other relief granted. Unpaid accounts shall bear a late charge of 1.5% interest per month.
In the event that payment is not made by Advertiser, in accordance with conditions of this contract, Advertiser agrees to pay for legal fees incurred by Publisher to obtain collection.
Publisher shall not be bound by any promises or agreements not contained herein, nor shall any such relieve advertiser or agent of their obligations hereunder.
In no event shall publisher's liability to advertiser for all claims of any kind for loss or damage arising out of or resulting from any error or omission exceed the total of charges payable for the advertising.
The Publisher reserves the right to censor, reject, alter, or refuse any copy at its sole discretion or disapprove any advertisement copy.

I have read all of the terms and conditions on this agreement and agree to be bound by the same.

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