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Public Notices and Legal Ads contain activities and events that impact citizens' lives because of governmental actions or requirements.

They include such important actions as government hearings and meetings; zoning, annexation and land use changes; election notices; municipal budgets, taxes and special assessment information; requests for bids on government construction and service contracts; permit and licensing applications, land and water use regulations; judicial and executive sales, disposal of foreclosed and abandoned property and many more. All of these actions affect you and your community.

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Bids and Misc. Notices
» Notice of Bids
Requests for goods and services with a value greater than $50,000 required by the city government.
» Miscellaneous Public Notices
Property seized by the sheriff during arrests, public meetings and hearings, public agency meetings.
Notice of Action
» Dissolution of Marriage
One party in a marriage is suing the other for a divorce.
» Foreclosure
A homeowner is unable to make payments to a mortgage lender to bring the payments up to date. This is filed after a lis pendens and before a final notice of sale is filed.
» Miscellaneous
Adoptions, temporary custody, termination of parental rights and applications for clear title to real property (quiet title).
Notice of Sale
» Auction
Automobiles being sold as a result of a mechanic's lien, self-storage content sales.
» Foreclosure
The last step in the foreclosure process. A mortgage lender is evicting the mortgage holder and the property will be sold at auction.
» Sheriff
Sale of property held by the sheriff as a result of a court order to satisfy a judgment.
» Probate
Claims against the property of deceased persons.
Tax Deed
» Tax Deeds
Properties scheduled for sale at auction for taxes owed.
Trade Name
» Fictitious Name
A person intends to transact business under a name other than the person's legal name.
» Exception
Changes requested for land use such as mobile homes, decreased setbacks, residence use for professional office, larger signs
» Rezoning
Requests for major land use changes such as changing agricultural property to residential or residentail property to commercial.
» Variance
Requests for land use changes involving allowed dimensions and measurements, road frontage or noise levels

Searchable Public Notices
» Search Public Notices
Our database dates back to Dec 1998.
Delinquent Tax Sale
» Delinquent Real Estate Tax
Residential properties for which a first-priority lien on the property with the right of foreclosure can be purchased.
» Delinquent Real Estate Tax Supplement
» Tangible Property Tax
Businesses that have not paid taxes on their assets.
» Tangible Property Tax Supplement

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