- 2009 - February - 23rd -

Real estate industry can help itself

David Chapman

Local members of the real estate community heard from one of their Florida brethren about reapplying themselves to beat a down market at the recent Sales and Marketing Council of the Northeast Florida Builders Association monthly meeting.

Kimberly Mackey, owner of Tampa-based real estate consultancy Creative Sales Solutions, gave the crowd of more than 70 that included area builders, sales representatives, banking officials and Realtors advice on getting ahead, but not before praising the success the group has already accomplished.

“You guys are the best, the front of the line,” said Mackey, who serves as president of the Sales and Marketing Council in the Tampa Bay region. The local organization was named best in the nation in 2008 at the International Builders Show in Orlando last year.

But following the praise, it was down to business, especially given the concerns of the unstable economy and its effect on the real estate market.

“Now is the time to put your best foot forward and establish a foundation for future success,” said Mackey. “Doing something is something and at least it shows you’re trying.”

Getting back to basics and setting that foundation, according to Mackey, includes adjusting attitude and focus, devoting time to a schedule, committing to appearance standards, creating prospects and a dedication to networking.

“The phone still works today, call people, don’t e-mail them,” said Mackey, on the changing landscape of communication. “You’re their (clients) guide ... guide them through the negativity in the (real estate) market and help them.”

For appearance, Mackey noted that while the job is in Florida, clients tend to be turned off by real estate professionals who dress as if they’re a little too comfortable or ready for a trip to the beach.

“You really can’t afford to lose a customer due to a bad first impression, especially in this market,” she said. “Be prepared to do the job. Look the part.”

Additionally, Mackey noted that procrastination, especially in a volatile and down market, is a killer in any business – especially real estate, and that professionals should invest or reinvest in themselves to set up success.

“It’s the law of diminishing intent,” explained Mackey. “The longer you put things off, the more likely you won’t do it.”

The next Sales and Marketing Council meeting will be a charitable workday March 13. For more information on the organization, go to www.smcnefba.com.



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