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Charles E. Mapson

Lawyer Snapshot

Name: Charles E. Mapson

Age: 53 (Born in Newark, N.J.)

Family: T.J., my 15 year-old son

Pets: Chauncey, my 15 year-old Shih Tzu

Education: B.A., Morehouse College, Atlanta, Ga. 1979; M.S., Columbia University School of Journalism, New York City, 1980; J.D., Columbia University Law School, New York City, 1983

Admitted to the Bar: New Jersey, 1983; Florida, 1998

Employed by: Of Counsel at Reznicsek, Fraser, Hastings, White & Shaffer, P.A.

Field of practice: Banking, financial services, general corporate, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, corporate governance

Professional organizations: National Bar Association, Jacksonville Bar Association, D.W. Perkins Bar Association (Treasurer 2008-present)

Community involvement: Trustee, Dayspring Baptist Church (2001-present); Director, Goodwill Industries of North Florida, Inc. (1995-present) (Chairman, 2002-04 and 2009-present)

How did you get involved?

Dayspring: I got involved shortly after moving to Jacksonville to an in-house counsel position at Barnett Bank. Initially was Director of Music for the Church.

Goodwill: I got involved with Goodwill shortly after moving to Jacksonville through a connection at Barnett Bank.

How can someone else get involved?/What have you learned/achieved through the experience?

Dayspring: The Church is open to all people. Our purchase of nearly 30 acres at, and subsequent move to, the Western part of Dunn Avenue, has provided a springboard for the growth of the church and service to the community. Our Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Rumlin, is full of energy and vision. We operate an educational academy and plan to continue to expand our ministries. I learned that when church members are focused on God and His will for them, there are no limits to what they can achieve.

Goodwill: Most don’t know what great things Goodwill does with donations of gently used clothing and household items. These goods help to fund Goodwill’s Job Training and Placement services right here in Northeast Florida. Goodwill is the largest private provider of training and employment services for people with barriers to employment. Last year, we served more than 35,000 individuals and placed more than 10,500 individuals into meaningful employment. Those who are placed become taxpayers instead of tax consumers, thus contributing to the social vitality of our community.

What was the last book you read or are reading?

“Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley: African Princess, Florida Slave, Plantation Slaveowner” by Daniel L. Shafer. This is the true story of an African princess who was brought to the U.S., married her slave ship-captain owner, Zephaniah Kingsley (as in Kingsley Plantation), and became a well-respected and leading citizen of North Florida, notwithstanding the severe racial prejudice and oppression to which she was later subjected. What can I say….I love non-fiction.

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