- 2011 - March - 14th -

Remembering Judge Jeff Morrow: Memoirs from his students and friends

by Brad Eiseman

“You talk about somebody that everybody loved. That was Jeff,” quoted former Florida Bar President Howard Coker. 

Judge Jeff Morrow made an impact on everyone with whom he came into contact, especially his students.

Judge Morrow taught a public speaking class at Florida Coastal School of Law. As his students, we had the privilege of learning from a passionate and incredible educator. In these brief two months, we learned things from Judge Morrow that we will likely use the rest of our lives. He took the time to know us, not just as his students, but as individuals.

As a professor he went above and beyond to show interest in his students’ personal lives. His enthusiasm never waned.

One student recalled, “Judge Morrow was always filled with warmth and smiles. He always came to class ready with a pen, a pad, and a story to tell. For the short period I knew Judge Morrow, I realized he was such a compassionate and dedicated man. I will sincerely miss him.”

From his courtroom demeanor to his passion for justice, coupled with his deep respect for individuals within the legal system, he taught us how to become not only great lawyers but better people. Judge Jeff Morrow was certainly a man that you wanted to be around.

Judge Morrow was also a man of many talents. One could seemingly wonder if we were talking about the same “Jeff Morrow” if we look at what he did in his momentous life. It is simply astounding that he was a near-expert fisherman landing the “Guinness World Records’’ largest marlin, swam with sharks around the Southern Hemisphere, was filming a documentary called “Fins - The Movie,” and exercised regularly as would a personal trainer. There is even a chin-up bar in his judicial chambers. He excelled at most everything he attempted.

Even with his hectic schedule, he still made the time to be a loving husband, father, good friend and confidant to many.

Judge Morrow lived a life of which many only dream and few actually experience. The feats he accomplished are significant and will likely be remembered forever.

He entertained. He educated. He loved everything that he did. He was a man of passion. He was a man of fairness. He is a man that will never be forgotten and whose teachings will live on through us.

“He was just a truly larger-than-life guy, a man’s man. He loved his family. He loved his life. And he loved people,” said friend and neighbor Greg Maxwell.

We only had him as a professor for two months. However, in those two months we gained knowledge not just of “law,” but also of “life.”

Thank you, Judge Jeff Morrow for giving us both the opportunity and privilege to have known and learned from you.

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