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Five in Focus: Jim Love, District 14

from staff

The Daily Record surveyed the 2011-15 City Council members about the current Council year. Jim Love, a Republican, is a State Farm Insurance agent.

How have you prepared both personally and professionally for your role on Council?
I am a 27-year owner of a successful insurance agency with a master’s degree in business administration, the past treasurer of four local organizations and current president of the Park and King Area Association. I commanded several Naval Reserve Units, was president of the Downtown Council of the Jacksonville Chamber and attended the past four chamber leadership trips. I attend Riverside Baptist Church. I understand the value of my Christian background in relationship to my service to our community.

Are you satisfied with your Council assignments and why do you believe you were chosen for them?
With my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering (the same degree that JEA CEO Jim Dickenson has), it was a logical choice to assign me to the Transportation, Energy & Utilities Committee. Also, it made sense to assign me the Land Use & Zoning Committee, as their decisions are of great concern to Jacksonville’s historic districts. I am very pleased with Council President Stephen Joost’s assignments.

Which committees or assignments would you like next, and why?
I would eventually like to serve in every committee but my most desired committees are the Finance Committee and the Rules Committee. I believe I could serve well in the Finance Committee with my background in financial planning and my experience in law school should be helpful in the Rules Committee.

Is serving on the Council a part-time or full-time job?
According to the City of Jacksonville, a councilman is a part-time legislator, though at times the workload will require a full-time effort to get the job done. Throughout my term as councilman, I will be ready to listen and respond anytime to citizen inquiries, whether they are asked at the grocery store, a social gathering, or by an incoming phone call.

What’s the first piece of legislation you have introduced or will introduce in this Council year?
My goal will be to reach out to the active community groups in the district to determine their needs and wants. I have met with the boards of Riverside Avondale Preservation, the Ortega Area Association, the Park and King Area Association and the Argyle Area Civic Council. Through this dialogue I will determine what the top priorities are in District 14. For now, determining a balanced City budget will be the top priority.

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