- 2012 - June - 15th -

Bishop announces new Council committee chairs

by David Chapman, Staff Writer

Incoming City Council President Bill Bishop announced his committee appointments Thursday for the 2012-13 Council year beginning July 1.

The five standing committees consist of Finance, chaired by Council member Clay Yarborough; Rules, chaired by John Crescimbeni; Transportation, Energy and Utilities, chaired by Greg Anderson; Land Use and Zoning, chaired by Lori Boyer; and Recreation, Community Development, Public Health and Safety, chaired by Doyle Carter.

Anderson, Boyer and Carter were elected last year and are serving their first terms. The leadership role is a first for Boyer and Carter this term, while Anderson chairs the transportation committee in the current year.

“I’m very confident in my decisions. I think we have good committees set up, good chairmen to run the committee and my charge to them will be to be proactive,” Bishop said Thursday.

Bishop and Council member Richard Clark are not assigned to any of the 5 committees. As president, Bishop can become a voting member of any committee when he chooses.

All committee meeting times and dates remain the same from the current Council year.



2012-13 City Council committee assignments

Rules Committee

Meets: 10 a.m. first and third Monday

Clay Yarborough, chair

Ray Holt, Vice Chair

Lori Boyer, John Crescimbeni, Warren Jones, Jim Love, Robin Lumb

Matters relating to confirmation of nominations by the Council; mayor and sheriff; rules; laws; executive communications; resolutions; memorials; calendar; agenda; charter revision; governmental reorganization; Council and school board redistricting; elections; courts; consumer affairs; J-bills and legislation before the Florida Legislature; and all unclassified subjects.

Finance Committee

Meets: 10 a.m. first and third Tuesday

John Crescimbeni, chair

Greg Anderson, vice chair

Lori Boyer, Johnny Gaffney, Bill Gulliford, Stephen Joost, Clay Yarborough

Financial matters, including appropriations; budgets, budgetary transfers; taxes; fees; franchises; bonds; fiscal and investment policies; licensing; personnel; pensions; leases; Administration and Finance Department; Procurement Department; JEA financial issues; auditing; performance measurement and benchmarking; audits of City and independent agencies; selection and retention of the auditor to perform the annual independent audit required by Section 5.11 of the City Charter, Taxation, Revenue and Utilization of Expenditures “TRUE” Commission reports; and all related subjects.

Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee

Meets: 2 p.m. first and third Monday

Greg Anderson, chair

Jim Love, vice chair

Reggie Brown, Kimberly Daniels, Bill Gulliford, Robin Lumb, Matt Schellenberg

Matters relating to roads and streets; Fair Share Assessments; transportation, transportation planning; multimodal transportation issues; intelligent transportation systems; First Coast MPO; railroads; deregulation of electric utilities; ambulances; towing; vehicles for hire; public utilities or utility related services; JEA (water and sewer operations, chilled water operations and nonbudgetary issues; power generation and distribution), Public Works Department; refuse collection; environmental services; public parking; Environmental Resource Management Department; landfills; Jacksonville Transportation Authority; Jacksonville Aviation Authority; Jacksonville Port Authority; service quality improvement and public satisfaction with government services; advanced communication and technology use and e-government; and all related subjects.

Land Use and Zoning Committee

Meets: 5 p.m. first and third Tuesday

Lori Boyer, chair

Matt Schellenberg, vice chair

Doyle Carter, Ray Holt, Warren Jones, E. Denise Lee, Don Redman

Land use and zoning matters, including zoning; preservation; conservation; building codes; urban renewal; real estate; land use; land, water and wetlands, preservation; water supply issues; comprehensive planning; strategic planning; current planning; growth management and implementation of state statutes; Planning and Development Department; appeals from Planning Commission decisions; growth management; transportation concurrency; school concurrency; water supply planning; monitoring and implementation of the new state growth management laws; actively participate in amending and updating Jacksonville’s Comprehensive Plan, including reviewing all text amendments and Future Land Use Map Amendments to the comprehensive plan; and all related subjects.

Recreation, Community Development, Public Health and Safety Committee

Meets: 2 p.m. first and third Tuesday

Doyle Carter, chair

Johnny Gaffney, vice chair

Reggie Brown, Kimberly Daniels, Stephen Joost, E. Denise Lee, Don Redman

Matters relating to recreation; public housing; economic development; affordable housing; farms; forestry; fish and game; parks; zoo; international trade and travel issues; Sister Cities program; Jacksonville Public Library; Parks, Recreation and Entertainment Department; Agriculture Department; Jacksonville Economic Development Commission; Jacksonville Housing Commission; Jacksonville Housing Authority; Community Services Department; ad valorem property tax exemptions; historic preservation; community revitalization; Waterways Commission; vessels for hire; Urban Services Districts; the Neighborhoods Department; education and schools; Duval County School Board; literacy issues; higher education institutions and issues; and all related subjects. Matters pertaining to the Jacksonville Children’s Commission; child services; public safety; motor vehicle inspections; collections; crime victim services; Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office; Fire and Rescue Department; emergency preparedness and civil defenses; hospitals; Health Department; human services; welfare; health; and all related subjects.

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