- 2012 - July - 25th -

JEA starts $20 million Springfield project

by Karen Brune Mathis, Managing Editor

JEA, the City’s power utility, has launched a $20.6 million project near Downtown in the Springfield area.

The Orange Street Reservoir Improvement Project will replace a 50-year-old underground reservoir with an above-ground one, said spokeswoman Gerri Boyce.

Completion is expected next spring. The reservoir holds water from the aquifer that is treated for people to use, Boyce said.

The City approved three permits Tuesday for a $16.72 million project at the water treatment plant north of State Street between Main and Laura streets.

Permits were previously issued for $3.84 million in site work, pilings and a foundation for a water tank.

According to permits, The Haskell Co. will build:

• A 3 million-gallon above-ground concrete storage tank, hydrogen sulfide removal system and associated electrical, mechanical and site work, totaling $10.94 million, at 1023 N. Laura St.

• Alterations to an existing building for ozone equipment, including equipment, electrical gear, HVAC and some demolition work, totaling $5.07 million, at 1002 N. Main Street.

• A new one-story electrical building for electrical gear, built of block/brick, to include HVAC and a sloped roof, totaling $724,482, at 1002 N. Main St.

The City approved a $3.57 million permit in March for foundation work for a water tank at 1023 N. Laura St. and a permit in June for 273,476 in site work at 1002 N. Main St.

JEA serves about 420,000 electric, 305,000 water and 230,000 sewer customers in Northeast Florida, according to the www.JEA.com website.

The JEA was created by the City. According to its website, JEA owns and operates an electric system with five generating plants and all transmission and distribution facilities.

According to the website, JEA also is a joint owner with Florida Power & Light Co. of a sixth plant, the St. Johns River Power Park, which is operated by JEA.

JEA also produces power from a methane-fueled generating facility at the Girvin Road Landfill and from Trail Ridge Landfill. A solar project came online in 2010.




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