- 2012 - October - 11th -

Our survey said ... Political conventions, iPhones and your baby’s gender

by Karen Brune Mathis, Managing Editor

Daily Record readers said overwhelmingly the political conventions did not influence their vote for the November election for president.

One of the 13 Weekly Poll questions during the third quarter asked readers, “Did the national political conventions influence your vote for president?”

More than nine in 10, or 91 percent, said no, while just 9 percent said yes. The question was asked Sept. 10.

The Republican convention was in August, followed by the Democratic convention the first week in September.

Readers responded to the 13 Weekly Poll questions from July through September. Results are not scientific, but they reflect the views of Daily Record readers who respond to the surveys.

In another politically related question, two-thirds of readers, or 66 percent, said they had donated to a political campaign at some time, while a third, or 34 percent, said they had not.

Almost the same share split when asked if they understood how the national Affordable Care Act would affect them. Almost two-thirds, 64 percent, said they did not, while more than a third, at 36 percent, said they did.

To summarize the remaining responses, based on the number of votes, Daily Record readers have never worked in a fast-food restaurant, do not have an iPhone, do not approve of red-light cameras, do not have a balance on a student loan and would not choose their baby’s gender if given the chance.

At the same time, they prefer a raise, have a pension, take daily prescription medication, have rescued a pet and have visited a public library the past year.

Here are the responses in more detail.

Several questions concerned employment.

Daily Record readers largely prefer a raise over more benefits or extra time off.

Asked which they prefer, almost two-thirds of those responding, or 65 percent, said they would choose a raise.

About a fourth, or 24 percent, chose extra time off, while just one in 10, or 11 percent, opted for more benefits.

Asked specifically about retirement benefits, 44 percent of readers said they have a pension and 40 percent said a 401(k). However, 16 percent had neither.

The majority of Daily Record readers haven’t worked at a fast-food restaurant. Almost three-quarters, or 73 percent, said they hadn’t worked in fast-food while more than a fourth, or 27 percent, said they had.

With the debut of the iPhone 5, the Daily Record asked readers if they have an iPhone of any generation. Less than half, or 45 percent, said yes while 55 percent said no.

The vote also was similar when readers were asked whether they approve of red-light cameras — 46 percent said yes and 54 percent said no.

Responses widened when readers were asked whether they had been to a public library in the past year. Two-thirds, or 66 percent, said yes, while 34 percent said no.

However, results widened considerably with several other questions.

Asked if they had rescued a pet, 74 percent said yes and 26 percent said no.

Asked if they take daily prescription medication, 72 percent said they do and 28 percent said they do not.

Asked if they have a balance on a student loan, 71 percent said they do not and 29 percent do.

And, the second-largest lopsided response after the political convention question came when readers were asked about choosing a baby’s gender.

Given the choice to choose their baby’s gender, 85 percent of readers said they would not do so, while 15 percent said they would.

Please vote each week online at jaxdailyrecord.com.

Check each Monday for the new Weekly Poll question.

Thank you for your vote.

JAXUSA Partnership to host Geraghty

The JAX Chamber JAXUSA Partnership for Regional Economic Development plans its next quarterly lunch meeting Nov. 29 at Hyatt Downtown. Florida Blue President and CEO Pat Geraghty will talk about “The Role of Health Plans Creating a 21st Century Health Care System.” For information, visitmyjaxchamber.com.

Interactive Intelligence build-out

The City approved a $150,000 tenant build-out for Interactive Intelligence at 7800 Belfort Parkway, No. 100. The contractor is Dav-Lin Interior Contractors.

Interactive Intelligence is the parent company of Global Software Services, which does business as Latitude Software.

The City earlier approved incentives for Interactive Intelligence to add 30 jobs at an average annual wage of $67,640 and benefits of $5,400. Latitude Software anticipates the jobs will be created by 2014. It also said it will invest $1 million in machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures and IT infrastructure in $500,000 increments in 2012 and 2013.

The $180,000 from the Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund program consists of $36,000 from the City and $144,000 from the state.

Southside offices being prepared for LPS Default Solutions

The City approved the building permit for C. Harrison Construction Inc. to renovate space in Flagler Center for the LPS Processing Services Default Solutions Inc. group.

The build-out cost is $94,169. The address is 12735 Gran Bay Parkway W.

As we reported, Lender Processing Services spokeswoman Michelle Kersch said 270 LPS Default Solutions group employees will move from the LPS campus at 601 Riverside Ave. near Downtown to the new Southside offices in early November.

Lender Processing Services provides technology services for mortgage lenders through all phases of the loan process, from origination through default, should the loan enter foreclosure. Default Solutions provides services for lenders to handle loans that are in default.

Plans show LPS Default Solutions as the tenant in 41,421 square feet of space on the second floor of Building 200.

After the move, LPS will have about 2,050 employees at the Riverside Avenue campus, which is near Downtown.

Kersch said the Riverside campus includes the LPS corporate headquarters and functions, the majority of Servicing Solutions and Technology, and other groups.

She said the Riverside campus includes four buildings at 601 Riverside Ave., as well as space leased in the nearby Blue Cross Blue Shield building.




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