- 2012 - October - 16th -

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Downtown Investment Authority is official

Mayor Alvin Brown signed legislation Monday to approve the Downtown Investment Authority’s nine-member board, the group that will lead an effort to revitalize Downtown and its economic development. Seven of the nine members were present for the signing, including (from left) Oliver Barakat, Rob Clements, Tony Allegretti, Donald Harris, Melody Bishop, Jim Bailey and Kay Harper. Members Don Shea and Paul Perez were not in attendance. Brown announced Harris will be the authority’s first chairman and the group would have its first meeting at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Brown said he would leave the frequency of meetings up to the board and said it will set up a process to hire a CEO “as soon as possible.” The group will use past studies to assist in its creation of a Downtown plan, which will be Council-confirmed, and will hire the CEO, which will not need Council confirmation. Brown said he thought there would be successes within its first year. “I’m pretty confident we’re going to have a few things to point to,” he said.

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