- 2012 - October - 26th -

• 4 Bones Barbecue plans to open in units 20-21 at 14286 Beach Blvd., at Beach Boulevard and San Pablo Road. Build-out for the 2,070-square-foot restaurant is shown on the permit application at $43,725. Joel S. Baker is shown on state Articles of Incorporation, filed Sept. 6, as the managing member for 4 Bones Barbecue LLC.

• The City is reviewing construction plans for Goozlepipe & Guttyworks and renovation of Kickbacks Gastropub along King Street in the Riverside area. Goozlepipe & Guttyworks will be two floors plus a basement and Kickbacks is one floor. It’s a total 12,622-square-foot project at 910 and 914 King St. Toney Construction Co. Inc. is the contractor and a permit under review shows a $1.5 million project.

• Look for the Akaya Grill & Sushi restaurant to open in Southside at 8358 Point Meadows Drive, No. 12. The City is reviewing tenant build-out plans for the 5,600-square-foot restaurant. It’s a $50,000 project and the contractor is D&R Contractors Inc.

• The City approved tenant build-out for Oishii Japanese Fusion in the Tinseltown Area at 4375 Southside Blvd., No. 4, at a construction cost of $30,000. The Shrout Companies is the contractor.

• The City approved remodeling for four KFC restaurants around town. C.W. Hayes Construction Co. is remodeling the interiors and exteriors for restaurants at 4201 Oldfield Crossing Drive ($111,600); 1007 Lane Ave. S. ($108,000); 1146 Dunn Ave. ($104,802); and 8003 Merrill Road ($100,000).

• Burger King plans to remodel its 10142 Philips Highway location, inside and out, at a cost of $110,000.

• Signs were approved for two restaurants: Paradise French Fry Heaven at 3304 Beach Blvd. and The Loop Pizza Burgers Salads at 4413 Town Center Parkway, No. 227.

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