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JAX2025 vision: ‘You like it. You want it better’

by Karen Brune Mathis, Managing Editor

An estimated 700 people met Saturday for the first of four JAX2025 community vision meetings led by Jacksonville Community Council Inc. A final report is expected May 18.

Participants at each table determined and reported what they like best about living in Jacksonville and what they want to see improved. The almost three dozen "likes" included water access and recreation, the medical community, nonprofits, the port, parks, the Jacksonville Jaguars, "movers and thinkers" and the "recurvature effect," otherwise known as "no hurricanes."

The more than three dozen suggested improvements included Downtown revitalization, expanding the City's Human Rights Ordinance to protect gays and lesbians, more City financial investment in meeting needs and more attention to diversity.

JCCI had prepared the Osborn Center for more than 2,000 participants. The 9-11 a.m. event began during low temperatures on what is a three-day weekend for those celebrating the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday today. But there was spirited discussion among those who attended.

For information about the visioning effort, visit JAX2025.org.



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