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Ahmed reappointed to Human Rights Commission

by David Chapman, Staff Writer

City Council confirmed the reappointment of Parvez Ahmed to the Human Rights Commission on Tuesday.

The vote was 13-6 in favor of the reappointment.

Before the vote and during Council discussion, Council member Robin Lumb repeated concerns he voiced at the Feb. 18 Council Finance Committee meeting, including his request to seek clarification of Ahmed's stance for anti-blasphemy laws, and he asked for the reappointment to be returned to the committee level.

Council member Richard Clark called the question after Lumb spoke, which initiated the vote and ended discussion.

The vote was taken before the first period of public comment, which is typically when appointments and reappointments are considered.

Despite the vote already taking place, several people spoke during public comment. Many of Ahmed's supporters already had left.

Almost 10 people spoke against the reappointment and four referred to support. Speaker Wayne Wood criticized the level of discourse.

"We're dealing with a society of misinformation," said Wood.


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Council votes

City Council voted 13-6 to reappoint Parvez Ahmed to the Human Rights Commission. Here is the breakdown.


Greg Anderson

Bill Bishop

Lori Boyer

Reggie Brown

Richard Clark

John Crescimbeni

Kimberly Daniels

Johnny Gaffney

Bill Gulliford

Warren Jones

Stephen Joost

Denise Lee

Jim Love


Doyle Carter

Ray Holt

Robin Lumb

Don Redman

Matt Schellenberg

Clay Yarborough

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