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Canan Firm continues support of pro bono in St. Johns County

by Kathy Para, The JBA Pro Bono Committee Chairwoman

At its St. Patrick's Day celebration, Patrick Canan and the Canan Law Firm raised their own pot of gold to support the pro bono efforts of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid's St. Johns County office. 

Canan's 6th Annual St. Patrick's Day fundraiser was again held at Gypsy Cab Company in St. Augustine on March 14. 

This year, with about 100 people in attendance, the event raised nearly $5,000. 

The fundraiser supports JALA's pro bono efforts for poor, elderly and disabled people in St. Johns County and the 7th Judicial Circuit.

The funds raised and donated help ensure that legal services for the underserved are ready and available.Pro bono attorneys are not expected to pay costs associated with representation in pro bono matters.

Fundraisers such as those organized by the Canan Law Firm provide needed financial support, which can be especially significant for sole practitioners and small firm attorneys.

In addition to providing reimbursement for case costs such as depositions and document requests, the money raised from the event also is used for the purchase of CLE DVDs for support of St. Johns County pro bono attorneys.

The fundraiser not only expands pro bono capabilities by paying costs, it also improves pro bono advocacy by keeping information resources updated.

JALA in St. Johns County is deeply appreciative of the support of the Canan Law Firm and the many attorneys who serve low-income people with pro bono legal services.

For information on how to volunteer in the 4th and 7th Judicial Circuits, attorneys are encouraged to contact Kathy Para, chairwoman of The JBA Pro Bono Committee, at kathy.para@jaxlegalaid.org,

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