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Graham reappointed PSC head

From The News Service of Florida

The Florida Public Service Commission on Tuesday returned Art Graham to the chairman’s position, replacing Ronald Brise who has led the regulatory panel for the past two years.

Graham, a former Jacksonville City Council member, served as chairman from October 2010 to January 2012.

He was initially appointed to the commission by former Gov. Charlie Crist in July 2010 and twice reappointed by Gov. Rick Scott.

“Commissioner Graham had demonstrated by both word and deed his emphasis on our decisions and their results, that they be based on law and fact, and not on sensationalism, headline or the latest political winds,” said Commissioner Lisa Edgar, who nominated Graham for the


She noted that during Graham’s first run as chairman he made water policy a priority, which has now become an issue before the state Legislature.

Graham had been president of ART Environmental Consulting Services prior to his statewide appointment. Commissioners make $130,036 a year.

Commissioner Eduardo Balbis, who some expected to move into the chairman role, said Graham’s appointment would maintain a “stable regulatory environment” that benefits the investment community, companies and customers.

Brise remains on the commission.

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