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UNF won’t appeal ruling over guns in cars on campus

From The News Service of Florida

The University of North Florida will not appeal a court ruling that struck down a policy preventing students from storing guns in their cars on campus.

Sharon Ashton, the university’s vice president for public relations, sent an email Friday to students, faculty and staff informing them of the decision.

“Earlier this month, the 1st District Court of Appeal ruled that UNF can’t prohibit students from keeping securely encased guns in cars parked (on) our campus and we have decided not to appeal that decision,’’ Ashton wrote. “Students still cannot carry a gun onto or on our campus, but can now legally keep a gun securely encased in their vehicle parked at UNF.”

The appeals court ruled Dec. 10 in favor of a UNF student and the group Florida Carry Inc., which challenged the policy.

Florida Carry Inc. Executive Director Sean Caranna said the university contacted the group’s attorneys Friday afternoon with its decision.

Gun-rights advocates argued that the university didn’t have the right to ban firearms in vehicles because the issue is reserved to the Legislature.

“Now students who are going to and from our campuses and visitors to campus don’t have to worry about disarming themselves for the entire day because one of their stops is a college campus,” Caranna said.

The Legislature allows guns to be kept in motor vehicles on campus if they are secured.

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