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The AR6 line in Arlington will be first to use technology for real-time passenger information.

JTA tests new real-time system

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Sign modifications along the AR6 bus route in Arlington were the first signs. Now, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority will begin testing its real-time passenger information system starting Saturday with the partnership of NextBus.

The company combines GPS data and predictive software to provide arrival times for vehicles, via the Internet or at stops.

"We value all of our customers and understand how important their time is," said Nathaniel Ford, authority CEO. "While we implement our On-Time Performance Campaign, we also realized a great need to provide our customers with convenient, real-time passenger information."

The AR6 route in Arlington will be the first of the authority's to utilize such technology.

The route services customers from Downtown to University Park and Regency Square Mall.

The technology will provide customers the opportunity to track where the bus is and when it will arrive at their stop.

"Our agency faces everyday interferences such as heavy traffic patterns and other issues that can offset our on-time performance," said Lisa Darnell, authority vice president of transit operations. "The real-time passenger information system gives our customers the opportunity to remain on schedule."

Customers can track the bus using smartphones, tablets or computers at nextbus.com.

They also can text "jtafla" and the four-digit stop identification code to 41411 to receive arrival information and subscribe for updates on the route.

Customers can call (904) 242-6490 to receive an estimated time of arrival.

For information, visit jtafla.com.

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