- 2014 - January - 6th -

New resolutions, new website for Bar members to start 2014

By Braxton Gillam, President of The Jacksonville Bar Association

Happy New Year!

Each year, I find it hard not to dread these three words. They are synonymous with the holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work.

But it’s not the work that I dread. Frankly, I like “to” work and “the” work.

It’s getting started all over again, whether measured in billable hours, originations or collections, and facing the Sisyphian task of meeting 2014 goals. The author of the Greek myth about Sisyphus sounds like he was a lawyer.

On the bright side, the new year provides a good time to focus on change and improvement. January, in fact, is named after Janus, the Roman god of transition. He is often depicted with two faces, one looking forward and one looking back.

Today, we continue to recognize the new year as a time of transition when deciding on our personal “resolutions.” Among my many resolutions — get in shape, be patient, etc. — I have resolved to be more positive.

As a Jacksonville lawyer, there is much to be positive about — thank you, Maria Aguila, for your article last week describing many of these things — and for stealing my thunder.

One of The Jacksonville Bar Association’s most significant accomplishments of 2013, and noted in Maria’s article, was the launch of the new website.

The new website was designed by our members for our members. In order to take full advantage of the new functionality, however, you must register on the website and update your member profile.

As a JBA member you will have access to a number of new online opportunities, including:

• Online Professional Directory

• Ability to sign up for committee membership and review the committees’ agendas

• Review an up-to-date schedule of JBA events

• Pay membership renewals online

• Join the Lawyer Referral Service

• Register as a mentor or request the assistance of a mentor

• Register for CLEs at the JBA member cost

• RSVP for JBA events

• Increase your participation in JBA events

Please join me in thanking Giselle Carson, her committee and all of The Bar staff for their tireless efforts in bringing the new website to fruition.

To ensure you have access to these new benefits, please visit the new website at jaxbar.org and register at your earliest convenience.

As we look forward to 2014, on March 3, Florida Bar President Gene Pettis will be our guest speaker at our monthly luncheon. Please be sure and reserve this date on your calendar and RSVP early for this special event.

In addition, as you consider your own “resolutions” for 2014, resolve to join us at each of our luncheons and other special events this year.

The JBA is what we make of it, and as always, this Bar is open.

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