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Jacksonville lawyer Gallogly to receive pro bono award

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The Florida Bar will recognize 21 lawyers for their work on behalf of poor and indigent clients during a Thursday ceremony at the Supreme Court of Florida.

Established in 1981, The Florida Bar President's Pro Bono Service Awards are intended to encourage lawyers to volunteer free legal services to the poor by recognizing those who make public service commitments and to raise public awareness of the substantial volunteer services provided by Florida lawyers to those who cannot afford legal fees.

Florida Bar President Eugene K. Pettis of Fort Lauderdale will present the awards.

William Gallogly of Jacksonville is being recognized for his work in the 4th Judicial Circuit. He has represented clients on a pro bono basis in South Florida and in Northeast Florida for more than 40 years.

For the past 16 years, Gallogly has been serving low-income people through Jacksonville Area Legal Aid. In recent years, in addition to his case representation commitments, he also reviews and evaluates cases for pro bono placement and serves as a mentor and guide for newly licensed attorneys.

Gallogly has provided representation for hundreds of clients in areas including Social Security, probate, wills, advance directives and guardianship.

For more than two years, he has maintained office hours on-site at the Downtown legal aid office one day a week. While there, he reviews cases, clarifies case facts, meets with clients and consults with newly licensed attorneys who have agreed to accept pro bono cases.

Through his efforts, clients are able to establish ownership of family properties through probate filings, become guardians of vulnerable relatives and loved ones and designate trusted persons to serve as health care surrogates and personal representatives.

In the last three years, he has provided more than 450 hours of pro bono assistance in direct representation and in serving as an expert resource for other pro bono attorneys.

Other circuit winners are: Virginia Marie Buchanan, 1st; Sonia Crockett, 2nd; A. Leigh Cangelosi, 3rd; Joseph Mason Jr., 5th; Jessica Rae, 6th; David Rodziewicz, 7th; Nancy Wright, 8th; Joseph Amos Jr.; 9th; J. Davis Connor, 10th; David Mangiero, 11th; Michael Harshman, 12th; Karen Meyer Buesing, 13th; Susan Carroll, 14th; Amy Hickman, 15th; David Van Loon, 16th; Stephen Moss, 17th; Gary Siegel, 18th; Maria Frances Caldarone, 19th; and Timothy Hains, 20th.

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