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Jacksonville Bar Association seeks to highlight diversity

From Staff

Typically, the term “diversity” would imply gender, race, color, age, citizenship, sexual orientation and age.

Yet, the meaning of diversity can be expanded to include myriad qualities that highlight an individual’s uniqueness, such as culture and professional experience, as well as beliefs. In recent years, The Florida Bar Board of Governors notes the meaning of the word “diversity” will continue to change along with the demographics of Florida.

Considering the morphing concept of diversity and diversity’s significance in the legal community, The Jacksonville Bar Association seeks to honor local individuals and employers in the legal industry who champion the ideals embodied in The Florida Bar’s diversity principles.

The JBA Diversity Awards, sponsored by the Diversity Committee, will recognize outstanding efforts by individuals and legal employers that promote diversity by ensuring the full and equal opportunity of all people for entry and advancement in Jacksonville’s legal profession.

Three Diversity Awards will recognize individuals or legal employers. The categories for the Diversity Awards include Diversity Champion for an individual or employer as well as Diversity Trailblazers for an individual.

To meet the Diversity Committee’s objective of recognizing individuals and employers who tirelessly advocate for diversity, the Committee is seeking nominations by Friday.

Ideal nominees are individuals or employers who have maintained a long-term commitment to encouraging, increasing and/or retaining diversity in the legal profession.

Trailblazer nominees are individuals who have fought for equality in the face of great adversity and paved the way for others today.

Nominations must be e-mailed to jba@jaxbar.org, faxed to (904) 399-4854 or mailed (postmarked by Friday) to JBA, 1 Independent Drive, Suite 2201, Jacksonville, FL 32202.

Incomplete nominations will not be accepted and will be returned to the nominator for completion and submission by the Friday deadline.

The awards will be presented during the JBA Annual Diversity Luncheon on March 3.

This is a perfect occasion for the presentation of the inaugural JBA Diversity Awards because the guest speaker is Florida Bar President Eugene K. Pettis, the first African-American to serve in this position.

For more information about the JBA Diversity Awards and criteria for the nominations, contact Amber Donley at ardonley@fcsl.edu or (904) 256-1203 or visit the JBA website at jaxbar.org/do-you-know-a-diversity-champion-or-trailblazer.

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