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Hank Coxe

Hank Coxe receives national award for recruiting donors

By David Chapman, Staff Writer

Hank Coxe is no stranger to awards.

He’s received The Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Service Award, The Florida Bar Foundation’s Medal of Honor and a Jacksonville Area Legal Aid’s Justice for All Award. He even has a Daily Record “Lawyer of the Year” recognition.

Now, the former president of the Florida and Jacksonville Bar associations has another one, only this one’s at the national level.

Coxe and South Florida attorney Josh Markus this month were awarded the American Bar Foundation’s “Outstanding State Chair Award,” during the association’s midyear meeting in Chicago. The award is annually given to Fellows of the foundation who have shown dedication to the group’s mission.

Established in 1955, the Fellows of the foundation support academic research that supports the profession.

Most fundraising groups seek as many people as possible to donate. But, the amount of Fellows is limited to less than 1 percent of attorneys licensed to practice in each jurisdiction and are brought about through nominations.

As a co-chair for the past six years, Coxe has been responsible for recruiting those attorneys who contribute to that foundation’s mission — and year after year, Coxe has been part of the chairmanship duo that has met or exceeded Florida’s quota, said Don Slesnick, the foundation’s chair of the Fellows.

The Fellows raised about $1.5 million in 2012-13.

“With every fellow there is a donation. With every donation there is a consequence,” Slesnick said.

He said one recent example is the research done on how juries are working and whether they understand information given to them by the courts when cases are decided.

Coxe said being a Fellow is one way to demonstrate a commitment through time, money and/or effort to helping the less fortunate through the research and programs.

As for being named to the individual award with Markus, Coxe said it was “flattering” but more than him.

“Candidly, the credit goes to all lawyers in the country and Florida. They’re the source of funding that helps people out the most,” he said.



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