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Hemming Plaza: Bring your own

  • BYO Lunch in Hemming is impromptu and al fresco.

  • Kim Peavler-Moesner sets up her hot dog business Monday-Friday in Hemming Plaza for people who would rather buy their lunch than bring their lunch.

By Max Marbut, Staff Writer

It doesn’t always take a committee to activate a public green space Downtown.

More than 20 people gathered Wednesday in Hemming Plaza to eat lunch and enjoy the weather and the company.

“BYO Lunch in Hemming” is on the calendar, weather permitting, at noon twice each month in the plaza at City Hall’s front door.

Some participants purchase food at nearby restaurants, some bring their lunch from home and others do business with Kim Peavler-Moesner, whose hot dog stand in the plaza has become a Downtown landmark.

One person who didn’t bring his lunch to the plaza Wednesday was Dave the Plant Man. He’s a One Spark creator who pitched his ideas for small-scale home gardens during the festival and was inspired by the new landscaping to take over caring for the plants in the plaza.

The casual mid-day meal get-together is promoted primarily through social media. “Like” BYO Lunch in Hemming at Facebook.com to be notified of future dates.


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