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Workspace: Bruce Dugan has held many jobs at JEA, from TV to human resources

  • Bruce Dugan has filled a variety of roles in his 30-year career at JEA. These days, he’s the director of a department that develops ways to improve safety and reduce costs for the public utility, but many people remember when Dugan represented JEA on television.

  • Dugan’s wife, Lorie, gave him this print of a lightning bolt.

  • A memento from Dugan’s participation in the Leadership Jacksonville Class of 2012.

  • Bruce Dugan works in a corner office in JEA Tower at 21 W. Church St. He has a bird’s-eye view of Downtown through the building’s signature hexagonal windows.

  • A scene from Fort Mountain State Park in Chatsworth, Ga. “When I need a break, I look at that picture,” said Dugan.

  • Every public utility executive needs a hard hat.

  • This white board is used to organize and brainstorm new projects, Dugan said.

  • Dugan was selected Employee of the Month in April 1992. He keeps this plaque in his office because JEA no longer bestows the award.

  • The rock and candle garden was a gift from Dugan’s wife. He keeps it near his desk along with another eagle in his collection.

By Max Marbut, Staff Writer

Bruce Dugan moved to Jacksonville from Houston 30 years ago to work for a company that provided energy audits for residential utility customers.

He went to work at JEA in 1988 and has since developed programs to help builders design and construct more energy-efficient homes and helped modernize the public utility’s billing system.

He is now the director of organizational performance improvement, part of JEA’s human resources department. Dugan is helping develop employee safety programs designed to reduce JEA’s cost of operation.

Most people, however, would recognize Dugan from his years as JEA’s media coordinator and television spokesman.

“I still meet people who remember when I was on TV,” said Dugan.

His on-screen career began when WTLV TV-12 debuted “Good Morning Jacksonville.” Dugan went to the station with some video JEA had produced about energy efficiency. When the producers saw Dugan on video, they offered him a regular segment on the show. That put Dugan’s face on local television every week for 10 years.

While he was appearing on the show, JEA’s media coordinator retired and Dugan was asked to fill in until a replacement could be hired. That job lasted seven years.

“Then I went back to the energy conservation department,” said Dugan.

He realizes his career path at JEA is somewhat out of the ordinary.

“I’ve changed jobs every five to seven years. It’s nice in some ways, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to do the same job for 20 years or more.

“I can’t say that I have ever been bored,” Dugan said.


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