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Jason Gabriel

Mayor Alvin Brown names Jason Gabriel as acting general counsel

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Mayor Alvin Brown on Friday appointed Jason Gabriel as acting general counsel.

Gabriel is the lead managing attorney of the General Counsel’s Office Government Operations Department and serves as deputy general counsel. He joined the office in 2010 and previously served as a senior associate at Edwards Cohen.

He is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Law and a Florida Bar board-certified specialist in city, county and local government law.

“He has a strong record of providing effective counsel to City Council, the Supervisor of Elections and various city departments,” Brown said of Gabriel. “He has vast expertise in ethics and open government law. Jason also has been on the forefront of our efforts to enhance Jacksonville, such as helping establish and serving as counsel to the Downtown Investment Authority.”

He will take over for General Counsel Cindy Laquidara when she retires July 1. Gabriel will serve during the final year of Brown’s first term. Brown is seeking a re-election.

“Along with the honor and privilege associated with this appointment, I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility that comes with this role. I look forward to serving the consolidated City of Jacksonville. I am humbled by the opportunity,” Gabriel said.

Laquidara is returning to the private sector.

Legislation of the appointment is expected to be introduced Tuesday to council. Gabriel will make $175,000 in the position.

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