- 2014 - May - 27th -

Development today

Compiled by Karen Brune Mathis

The Daily Record will regularly provide updates about building permits and development plans filed with the city and other agencies.


• City of Jacksonville, 311 W. Monroe St., contractor is J. Register Co. Inc., $120,000.

• Boos Development Group Inc., 11389 San Jose Blvd., contractor is J. Register Co. Inc., $60,000.

• Jacksonville Jewish Center, 3662 Crown Point Road, contractor is McCurdy-Walden Inc., $13,815.

School, library, educational institution

• Catholic Social Services, 742 Arlington Road, contractor is New Century Construction Inc., 5,725 square feet, renovation of computer room, library, two classrooms, $42,060.


• Krispy Kreme, 7612 Merrill Road, contractor is Clear View Signs Inc., one ground sign and four wall signs, $52,000.

• V Pizza, 1406 Hendricks Ave., contractor is Taylor Sign & Design Inc., two wall signs, $2,550.

• The American School of Professional Life Coaching, 1804 San Marco Place, contractor is Farm Out Design Services LLC, monument sign, $2,400.

• Plastic Surgery Dr. James E. Hardy MD, 11512 Lake Mead Ave., No. 536, contractor is Taylor Sign & Design Inc., wall sign, $2,400,

• Villas at Cedar Creek, 5821 San Juan Ave., contractor is Farm Out Design Services LLC, wall sign, $900.

Stores, mercantile

• Guitar Center, 6000 Lake Gray Blvd., No. 45, contractor is Heritage Signs, awning, $1,500.


• Crown Castle PT Inc., 1749 Kings Road and 5840 Timuquana Road, contractor is Atlantic Tower Services Inc., two permits, $160,000.

• Sprint Wireless, 2961 Armsdale Road, contractor is Westower Communications Inc., $120,000.

• Global Signal Acquisitions, 15325 Lem Turner Road, contractor is UCI Construction Services LLC, $80,000.

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