- 2014 - June - 3rd -

Development today

Compiled by Karen Brune Mathis

The Daily Record will regularly provide updates about building permits and development plans filed with the city and other agencies.

Hospital, institutional

• Lanier Manor, 12740 Lanier Road, contractor is Bradley Construction Enterprises Inc., 1,145 square feet unenclosed, exterior sidewalk modifications and interior repairs, $90,000.


• Railex, 12740 Kenan Drive, contractor is C. Harrison Construction Inc., 140 square feet, restroom modifications, $22,000.

Office, bank, professional

• Smart Pharmacy, 14003 Beach Blvd., contractor is Building Dynamics Inc., 6,772 square feet, tenant build-out, $500,000.

• Centerpoint Pharmacy, 4810 Executive Park Court, No. 107A, contractor is Tenant Contractors Inc., 2,440 square feet, $41,000.

• Neptune Society, 3928 Baymeadows Road, No. 8, contractor is D-Lux Homes and Development Corp., interior build-out, $24,000.


• Duval Pretrial Detention Facility, 500 E. Adams St., contractor is The Rose Group LLP, sally port roll-up door replacement, replace four equipment roll-up doors and supporting equipment, $43,900.


• McDonald’s, 11250 Old St. Augustine Road, contractor is Southland Construction Inc., removal of outdoor playground equipment, area to be replaced with landscaping, $15,000.

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