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Development today

Compiled by Karen Brune Mathis

The Daily Record will regularly provide updates about building permits and development plans filed with the city and other agencies.

Church, other religious

• Holy Trinity Church, 3889 Eloise St., contractor is Northeast Florida Builders Association, 3,402 square feet, renovation of second floor of the administration building, $79,180.

• Jacksonville Heights Baptist Church, 6730 Ricker Road, contractor is Suncoast Erectors Inc., 2,016 square feet, alteration and completion of existing unfinished sanctuary, $60,000.

Office, bank, professional

• Amerada Hess Corp., 1879 Lane Ave. S. and 1052 Dunn Ave., contractor is Alamo Construction Co. Inc., interior remodel for ADA compliance, seal coat and parking lot and sidewalk improvements, two permits, $85,843.

• DiscoverTec, 4887 Belfort Road, contractor is Tenant Contractors Inc., 20,234 square feet, interior build-out, $69,839.

• Amerada Hess Corp., 14190 Beach Blvd., contractor is Great Dane Petroleum Contractors Inc., interior remodel for ADA compliance, seal coat and parking lot and sidewalk improvements, $43,695.


• Park Avenue Rental Community, 8787 Southside Blvd., contractor is Performance Roofing LLC, seven permits, $231,000,

• Roofing, 11242 Alumni Way, contractor is Align Roofing LLC, $128,000.

• Wright Jackson Enterprise LLP, 6701 Suemac Place, contractor is Fillingham Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc., $20,435.

• Episcopal School of Jacksonville, 1362 St. Elmo Drive, contractor is Bohemia Roofing Co. Inc., $10,950.

• Riverside Avondale Preservation Inc., 2623 Herschel St., contractor is Townsend Roofing and Construction Services Inc., $6,000.


• Atlantic Coast Bank, 4566 Salisbury Road, contractor is Taylor Sign & Design Inc., wall sign, $11,000.


• Verizon Wireless, 3101 Plummer Cove Road and 2601 Orange Picker Road, contractor is Betacom Inc., two permits, $200,000.

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