- 2014 - August - 12th -

Mayor Alvin Brown\'s re-election campaign raises $107,000 in July

By David Chapman, Staff Writer

Mayor Alvin Brown raised close to $107,000 in July for his re-election bid, according to campaign finance reports.

The majority, $90,000, came through his Taking Jacksonville to the Next Level state political action committee. EverBank Financial Corp. and George Hodges both gave $25,000.

The remaining $16,675 collected in July came through his local campaign account. Twelve of those were $1,000 donations, the maximum allowed.

The state money is slightly down from his $93,000 raised in June, while the local contributions are up from last month’s $14,835.

To date, he’s raised more than $1.4 million.

Lenny Curry raised nearly $200,000 in July, his second month of campaigning. To date, he’s raised close to $768,000.

City Council member Bill Bishop raised $3,800 for July, bumping his total to almost $41,000 for four months.

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