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Jax Daily Record Thursday, Feb. 10, 201112:00 PM EST

City Council District 1


As a reader service, the Daily Record plans to present daily information about candidates on the ballot in the spring election. The information is scheduled to be published in advance of early voting, which begins March 7 in Duval County. The Daily Record sent the same questions to council candidates and will publish their e-mailed responses, edited for space if necessary. Today’s first report covers candidates for City Council District 1.

The candidates say... What is the single most important issue facing your district? What are the most pressing problems facing the City? Would you
support new taxes
or fees to improve
the port and/or
Why should district constituents elect you?
Lindsey Brock
Reinvestment. Our district needs vision, passion and leadership to make it a priority at City Hall – reinvest in Arlington. I will build a consensus to create an environment in the Arlington area where neighborhoods thrive, businesses return, develop, take root and grow. Public-private partnerships can promote small businesses as members of the community, working with residents to foster strong vibrant crime-free neighborhoods. Economic development is needed in the areas of transportation, medical, financial services, and eco-tourism to bring higher-paying jobs and to complement Jacksonville’s existing business culture. Downtown revitalization needs a strong vision and implementing agency. Fiscal responsibility and accountability in the City budget, including consolidation of the administration of government. Reducing redundancies, compressing management and overall increases in efficiencies will lead to substantial savings for the taxpayers. Only with taxpayer support. We can prioritize and leverage the resources on hand to achieve most goals in these areas. I could only support new taxes or fees if supported by the citizens, much like they did in the River City Renaissance and Better Jacksonville initiatives. When citizens are presented a clear compelling vision for investment of new tax dollars they generally support the decision to invest in their community. Lindsey Brock will make the Arlington area a priority at City Hall. I grew up here, graduated from Terry Parker, and my wife, Carol, and I are raising our children here. I have the vision, passion and leadership to make Arlington a thriving community with families and corner shopping spots. It takes experience and maturity to build a consensus. Arlington needs that kind of a champion on the City Council.
Darryl Fleming
Aside from keeping Craig Airport the way it is with no changes, the single most important issue facing District 1 is the cost of utilities. The way utility costs keep rising. The City budget is a major concern facing City administrators. City officials need to take a hard look at expenditures and revenue generation. Government pension reform will need to be addressed. Next, I would say job creation and job security. What can the City do to stimulate jobs and how do we keep people working. I round out my top City pressing problems with public safety. No. I do not support new taxes or fees to improve the port and/or Downtown. Jacksonville’s administration drafted the Blueprint for Prosperity document several years ago that citizens supported raising taxes to do just that, improve Jacksonville. If this plan is not working citizens need to know what is broke, where is the tax money going and how do we fix it. Constituents should elect me to represent them because I will do just that – represent them. I will be a true servant of the people. I’m a former U.S. Marine Corps Officer and Boy Scout Professional. I bring values based on principles of honor, courage, commitment, service to others and the planet. I bring leadership, trust and confidence. I bring no promises, just life experiences and a passion to better our community.
Clay Yarborough
In addition to the ever-present need for a safe community, business investment is needed in the Arlington area. Two main concerns are rising taxes/fees and the unemployment rate at over 10 percent. When a number of Jacksonville taxpayers cannot afford current taxes/fees, now is not the time to consider burdening them with new ones. City government needs to learn to live within its means. Unnecessary and wasteful spending should be removed from the City budget and taxes/fees should be reduced as a means of incentivizing current business to grow and new business to come. Taxpayer dollars have been spent for years Downtown, yet many challenges remain. I would like to serve a second term so that I may continue being responsive to Arlington constituents, challenging the City to reduce unnecessary spending and operate in a fiscally responsible way, cultivating the current relationship with the Sheriff’s Office to make our city safer, and helping to attract needed investment to District 1 and the city as a whole.

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