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Mayor Alvin Brown
Jax Daily Record Tuesday, Jul. 1, 201412:00 PM EST

Council auditor finds numerous problems with Mayor Alvin Brown's travel

by: David Chapman

Mayor Alvin Brown and his staff had numerous issues with travel during their first 16 months of office, according to a report filed Tuesday afternoon by the City Council Auditor’s Office.

Brown’s office spent more than $78,000 during that time period, which doesn’t include travel paid for by outside agencies — one of the several issues the auditor’s report highlights.

According to the summary, there were prohibited payments made by outside agencies, such travel was not properly disclosed, travel documents were missing or insufficient ,and travel wasn’t always properly approved.

Furthermore, forms contained inaccuracies and lacked proper signatures and documentation was provided months after requested.

The office reviewed 82 trips for the time period, 34 of which were conducted by the mayor.

According to the summary, the audit was initiated after insufficient documentation for travel was discovered during a past audit.

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