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Economic Development
Jax Daily Record Wednesday, Aug. 14, 201904:00 AM EST

Development Today

These are the largest commercial building permits by job cost issued Monday by the city of Jacksonville.
by: Scott Sailer Staff Writer


  • Gran Bay Apartment Homes at Flagler Center, 13830 Gran Bay Parkway, contractor is Ash Construction LLC, 120,460 square feet, construct storage building, $722,586.

Hotel, Motel, Dormitory

  • Marriott Jacksonville, 4670 Salisbury Road, contractor is Solid Rock Construction Group LLC, 15,724 square feet, public area renovation, $623,000.


  • Artesia at Gran Park Apartments, 13504 Citicards Way, contractor is Turnkey Construction Planners Inc., nine permits for new building roofs, $491,000.
  • The Park at Marbella Apartments, 6017 Roosevelt Blvd., contractor is Dubo Roofing Co., three permits for roof over existing, $47,215.
  • Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, 9309 Merrill Road, contractor is Dempsey Commercial Roofing Inc., new building roof, $28,726.
  • Florida Land Trust No. 2019-2-13, 5610 Blanding Blvd., contractor is Alpha & Omega Builders of Jacksonville Inc., roof replacement, $16,000.
  • MSJ Partners, 8834 Goodby’s Executive Drive, contractor is D&S Roofing of North Florida Inc., roof replacement, $13,880.


  • Edison by Toll Brothers, 10215 Avante Way, contractor is Custom Graphics & Sign Design Inc., monument sign, $50,000.
  • Edison by Toll Brothers, 11285 Madelynn Drive, contractor is Custom Graphics & Sign Design Inc., monument sign, $50,000.
  • Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, P, 45 Duval Station Road, contractor is CB Sign Service Inc., seven permits for wall, monument, menu board, speaker box and clearance bar, $6,900.
  • Office Evolution, 12574 Flagler Center Blvd., contractor is Brown Enterprises, monument sign, $3,500.

Stores, Mercantile

  • B&S Family LLC, 1960 Blanding Blvd., contractor is Howard Construction LLC, repair, $29,042.


  • JEA, 2304 Boulevard, contractor is Bluestone Construction Inc., 26,000 square feet, tent, $350,000.

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