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Jax Daily Record Tuesday, Jul. 24, 201802:41 PM EST

From the President..... Chris Dostie

More than 100 new members recruited
by: Realty Builder Staff Staff Writer

Dear members,

We spent a good deal of time and effort during the month of May recruiting new members. Because the results were tabulated and celebrated late in that month, we were not able to brag much until now. 

I am proud and pleased to tell you that for the third year in a row, NEFBA members have recruited more than 100 new members during its membership drives. This is remarkable and unheard of around the country. The involvement, the importance, and commitment of NEFBA is quite evident.

The 2018 annual Membership Drive began May 1 and new members were welcomed to NEFBA with a party May 24 at BlackFinn AmeriPub in the St. Johns Town Center. The teams had pulled out all the stops to reach an ambitious goal of adding 100 new members.

The six teams competing for members and prizes were Remodelers Council Jumbo Shrimp; Sales & Marketing Council Hammers; St. Johns Builders Council St. Augustine Saints; Clay Builders Council Free Birds; PWB/YPG Bananas; Nassau Builders Council Pirates; and, NEFBA presidents Padres.

Team winners were announced at the party. Champions were the Saints. Jumbo Shrimp were next and the Hammers placed third. Individual winners were Gene Rover, Tony Raso and Jamie Warrington. Congratulations and thank you to these winning teams and individuals and their competitive spirits. 

All our members are vital to our growth and success, but it’s the new members who keep NEFBA vibrant. I encourage you to continue to look for new members throughout the year. You are introducing them to all the benefits of association membership, and you are helping strengthen our voice, our influence and the reputations of our association.


Chris Dostie

Dostie Homes

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