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Jax Daily Record Monday, Nov. 11, 201902:10 PM EST

GoPuff delivery service expands to 12 Jacksonville ZIP codes

The service offers delivery of more than 2,500 products such as snacks, beverages, groceries, household goods from noon to 4:30 a.m.

When you need chips, ice cream, dog treats, beer or wine at midnight but don’t want to get them yourself, there’s a service that delivers.

Starting at noon Monday, goPuff added a second warehouse in Jacksonville to expand its Jacksonville convenience-delivery service from the Southpoint area.

It said it now serves customers in 12 ZIP codes in Southside, Arlington, Talleyrand and Downtown: 32202, 32206, 32207, 32211, 32216, 32217, 32224. 32225, 32246, 32256, 32257 and 32277.

GoPuff said it started deliveries in May to some of those ZIP codes and continues to expand in the area.

The digital retailer delivers convenience store products for a flat $1.95 delivery charge. It operates from noon to 4:30 a.m.

Customers can order from the site or via the iOS/Android app.

Brigid Gorham, communications manager for Philadelphia-based goPuff, said Monday the company anticipates expansion in Jacksonville by year-end.

Gorham said the service entered Florida in February in Tallahassee and has expanded to Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando, delivering products from centrally located warehouses.

The more than 2,500 products include diapers, household cleaning items and beer and wine.

GoPuff operates in more than 100 locations nationwide. Gorham said it generally hires about a dozen operations members and works with up to 50 driver-partners when opening new locations.

GoPuff has not released the locations of its two area warehouses.

Documents show that two locations are being built-out in Whitlock Business Park in Arlington and in AC’s Square along St. Johns Bluff Road South.

The site shows a Jacksonville delivery area generally bordered by Merrill Road south to Butler Boulevard, and from the St. Johns River in Arlington south to include the Town Center area east to Kernan Boulevard.

However, the ZIP codes indicate a larger area.

GoPuff explains that it delivers products such as snacks, beverages, groceries, household goods, over-the-counter medications, personal care items, school supplies, pet supplies and, in some markets, beer, wine and liquor.

It delivers beer and wine but not liquor in Jacksonville.

GoPuff said it was founded in 2013 by Rafael Ilishayev and Yakir Gola. They met on the first day of Business 101 class as freshmen at Drexel University. 

Gola had access to a car and ran errands for friends. The two realized that stocking their place with snacks and essentials took too many trips to the store.

They drafted a mock-up for a convenience delivery app and soon were delivering from the back of a Plymouth Voyager around campus.

Gorham said they came up with several names and asked friends to vote on their favorite, with goPuff the unanimous favorite.

GoPuff posted job openings in Jacksonville for a general manager in the Arlington area and several other positions.

The general manager will lead a team of shift leaders and field operations associates overseeing the facility’s operations as well as a team of independent drivers.

Duties include planning and directing all warehouse operations including deliveries, inventory, equipment and systems.

Other positions include operations warehouse associates whose duties include picking, packing, receiving product and interacting with the drivers.

The night shift operations warehouse associate will operate the St. Johns Bluff Road South location between Beach and Atlantic boulevards.

There also are part-time marketing openings as city brand ambassadors to “spread the word about goPuff to everyone in their area.”

Convenience Store News reported in July 2017 that GoPuff is a millennial-targeted service that brings convenience store items right to a customer’s door.

According to, Ilishayev said the average delivery time is 23 minutes. 

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