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The Downtown skyline from the St. Johns River. A Jacksonville University poll listed the river as Jacksonville's second most important asset.
Jax Daily Record Monday, Apr. 15, 201312:00 PM EST

JU poll shows St. Johns River is city's 2nd best asset

by: Joe Wilhelm Jr.

A seven-county poll conducted by Jacksonville University listed the St. Johns River as a more important asset to the region than the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"Some of what we were looking for was a snapshot of how the people viewed the river, particularly in Jacksonville and south of us," said Quinton White, Jacksonville University Marine Science Research Institute executive director, at a Jacksonville Waterways Commission meeting.

The poll showed the Jacksonville metropolitan area — comprising Duval, Clay and St. Johns counties — valued the river more than the counties to the south, said White.

Waterways Commission member Ralph Hodges responded to the results that showed people view littering and dumping as the worst source of pollution.

"I didn't realize that was a large source of pollution and I wonder if it's just visual pollution. I'm like anybody else, I don't like to see bottles floating in the water, but seems to me there are more important things than that," said Hodges at a Wednesday commission meeting.

White talked about the items that continue to be pulled out of the river that are the result of dumping and littering.

"I would say that littering and dumping is, in fact, a problem. It's amazing to me the number of tires and washing machines, tons of debris that continue to be taken out of the river," said White.

The interviews for the poll were conducted Nov. 10-18 among a sample audience of 379 adults 18 years of age or older living in Brevard, Clay, Duval, Putnam, Seminole, St. Johns and Volusia counties, which all are along the St. Johns River in Northeast and Central Florida.

The interviews were conducted at Jacksonville University under the direction of the JU Social Science Research Center.

Questions and results included:

• Which of the following do you consider to be the more important asset to the Jacksonville area? (Asked of the participants from the 904 area code)

Navy bases in Jacksonville and Mayport — 63 percent

St. Johns River — 28 percent

Jacksonville Jaguars — 8 percent

Don't know — 1 percent

• What do you see as the biggest source of pollution in the St. Johns River?

Littering and dumping — 38 percent

Stormwater runoff — 26 percent

Industrial and commercial activity — 22 percent

Don't know — 14 percent

• Which of the following statements do you think best describes the health of the St. Johns River?

A river in good condition in need of improvement in some areas — 52 percent

A degraded river which has value, but needs a major cleanup — 35 percent

A polluted river not worth saving — 3 percent

Don't know — 10 percent

• Do you feel knowledgeable about what you can do to help improve the health of the St. Johns River?

No — 56 percent

Yes — 44 percent

• Do you think there is a direct connection between your personal actions and the health of the St. Johns River?

No — 56 percent

Yes — 44 percent

• On a scale of 1-10, where 1 means "you do not try at all" and 10 means "you try very hard," how would you rate your personal efforts to protect the St. Johns River?

Average rating — 4.9

• Which of the following do you think is the biggest problem facing your local community at the present time?

Creating jobs — 58 percent

Reducing crime — 18 percent

Improving schools — 15 percent

Protecting environment — 4 percent

Don't know — 5 percent

The survey also asked about recreational use of the river:

• Over the past year you have fished on or along the St. Johns River at least…

Not at all — 75 percent

Once a year — 14 percent

Once a month — 8 percent

Once a week — 3 percent

• Over the past year you have boated, canoed, kayaked or Jet Skied on or along the St. Johns River…

Not at all — 70 percent

Once a year — 15 percent

Once a month — 11 percent

Once a week — 4 percent

• Over the past year you have swam on or along the St. Johns River…

Not at all — 90 percent

Once a month — 5 percent

Once a year — 3 percent

Once a week — 2 percent

• Over the past year you hunted or observed wildlife on or along the St. Johns River…

Not at all — 62 percent

Once a month — 16 percent

Once a week — 12 percent

Once a year — 10 percent


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