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Jax Daily Record Thursday, Apr. 5, 201212:00 PM EST

Our survey said …


Daily Record readers posted strong views in the first-quarter Weekly Poll, with the strongest yes-or-no answer being that Tim Tebow will never be a Jacksonville Jaguar.

Asked during the week starting March 26 if homegrown quarterback Tim Tebow, who was traded by the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets, will ever be a Jaguar, 81 percent of Daily Record readers who responded said no.

The other 19 percent said yes.

Readers responded to the 13

Weekly Poll questions from January through March. The results are not scientific, but they do reflect public opinion, or at least the opinions of Daily Record readers.

The Daily Record asked two other football-related questions, both concerning Super Bowl XLVI.

Asked the week before the game which team would prevail, 65 percent of readers correctly predicted the New York Giants, while the other 35 percent opted for the New England Patriots.

After the Super Bowl, 65 percent of those responding said they liked the game the best, while 19 percent didn’t watch it and 16 percent preferred the commercials.

The Daily Record started 2012 with a question about New Year’s resolutions. Almost two-thirds of readers, at 63 percent, didn’t intend to make any.

About a quarter, at 26 percent, said they had made a resolution for 2012 and the remaining 11 percent said they hadn’t yet done so.

We asked several questions about entertainment and lifestyle choices.

Almost half of the readers responding, at 47 percent, had seen 1-4 movies in a theater in the past year, while 35 percent had not seen any.

The remainder, at 18 percent, saw five or more.

Perhaps related to the ability to catch a movie at a theater, 34 percent of readers said they did not have children, while the majority, 66 percent, said they did.

Meanwhile, 69 percent of readers had taken an ocean or sea cruise at some time in their lives, while 31 percent had not.

The same split came with responses to whether resort casinos should be allowed in Florida. Yes, said 69 percent, while 31 percent said no.

A strong majority, 77 percent of responding readers, said they have not required or will not require a prenuptial agreement, while 23 percent said they did or will.

An even stronger majority, at 83 percent, do not have a tattoo, while 7 percent have one and 10 percent have more than one.

In the wake of the Bi-Lo acquisition of Winn-Dixie, more than two-thirds of readers responding, or 69 percent, said they had shopped at Jacksonville-based Winn-Dixie and another 19 percent said they had shopped at Winn-Dixie and Bi-Lo.

Just 1 percent said they had shopped at Bi-Lo, but not Winn-Dixie, and 11 percent had patronized neither chain.

It was a closer split when asked if readers subscribed to a home security system.

More than half, at 58 percent, said yes and 42 percent said no.

After the tragic shooting death March 6 of Episcopal Head of School Dale Regan, the Daily Record asked readers if their workplace had ever been a target of workplace violence.

While 74 percent said no, 26 percent said yes.

This week’s question asks: “Should Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law be changed, repealed or left alone?”

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