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Jax Daily Record Tuesday, Sep. 11, 200112:00 PM EST

Talking football


It’s Monday, the day after the opening of the NFL season, and the water cooler talk in the office centers on — surprise — football. And it was no different at the Rotary Club meeting at the Radisson.

Jacksonville Jaguars broadcaster Brian Sexton, who hosts several radio shows, including “Jaguars Reporters,” “Jaguars This Week” and “The Tom Coughlin Show,” was the speaker and he had plenty to say about Sunday’s 21-3 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“Baltimore’s defense is strong and the Colts are powerful. Tampa Bay has a great defense, but no offense. The AFC [American Football Conference] should win the Super Bowl.”

When asked about the excessive salaries paid to players, Sexton cited the fervor over the sport as the reason.

“It’s our [society’s] fault,” said Sexton. “That’s what our culture decided is important. As long as America keeps watching football, the salaries will be high. The formula for pro football must change because TV can’t sustain it.”

When asked if he thought a woman would ever have a place on an NFL sideline, Sexton replied, “I can’t see in that testosterone-laced world that a coach would bring in a woman. Football may be one of the last bastions of maledom,” he said.

The prospect of blackouts of coverage was another issue raised.

“There are a lot of empty seats in the stadium. Tennessee and Green Bay are the only games I am not worried about blackouts.”

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