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Attorney David King has provided more than 200 clients with pro bono help during his career.
Jax Daily Record Monday, May. 1, 201712:00 PM EST

Trucker's job regained, foreclosure avoided

by: Kathy Para

Attorney David King has provided pro bono assistance to more than 200 clients during his legal career. The majority of those cases involved filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Each situation triggers stressors that have the potential to destroy lives and families. King describes a recent case that resulted in a dramatic and positive outcome for his client.

What were the basic facts of the case?

The client was a professional truck driver who depended on her driver’s license to earn a living. She was involved in a traffic accident in her personal vehicle.

Unbeknownst to her, her personal vehicle insurance had lapsed while she was out on the road. Due to the accident, and the resulting judgment, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles revoked her license.

Her employer immediately discharged her for lack of a valid driver’s license. She found herself without a job, her bills were mounting, and she was about to lose her home in foreclosure.

What were you able to accomplish for your client?

We successfully filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for her, wiped out the judgment and worked with the Clay County Clerk’s office to have her license reissued.

Why was this outcome important to your client?

She was able to go back to work immediately when her driver’s license was reinstated. With her change in employment, we were able to save her home from foreclosure.

What advice do you have for other attorneys considering pro bono involvement?

Money cannot buy the “warm fuzzies” that you get from helping people.

We suggest that the reward goes beyond “warm fuzzies” when a client regains employment and avoids foreclosure as a result of an attorney’s pro bono efforts.

King’s positive impact on this family is beyond measure.

He has practiced in the Northeast Florida area since 1985, with an office in Orange Park. King considers himself to be a transactional attorney for primarily business clients. He now files Chapter 7 actions for legal aid referrals only.

Sincere appreciation is extended to King and so many other lawyers who choose to share their expertise with those who are not able pay for legal services.

Because of them, families are stabilized and people have opportunities to thrive.

Attorneys interested in pro bono opportunities in the 4th Judicial Circuit may contact [email protected]

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