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Photo by Joe Wilhelm Jr. -
Jax Daily Record Monday, Nov. 12, 201212:00 PM EST

Circuit Judge McCarthy 'Mack' Crenshaw Jr. retires


Circuit Judge McCarthy “Mack” Crenshaw Jr. and his wife, Connie, unveil his portrait that will hang in the Clay County Courthouse, where his retirement ceremony took place Thursday. Crenshaw will officially retire Dec. 31. On Jan. 3, he will turn 70, the mandatory retirement age for judges set by the Florida Constitution. Crenshaw was appointed to the bench in 1992. He was recognized Thursday for his contributions to the juvenile court program, which include the development of a mandatory class called “Character and Self-Control,” created to decrease the number of repeat offenders. Carl “Hap” Stewart, a classmate at Lee High School, told of Crenshaw’s integrity as a Lee basketball player. After a referee called a foul on him, Crenshaw sat on the bench because he calculated it was his fifth foul, meaning he had fouled out of the game. The referee had only assigned him four fouls. “You can imagine the coach’s reaction, but Mack wouldn’t go back out. That was my first experience with the honor and integrity of Mack Crenshaw,” said Stewart.

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